Monday, January 5, 2009

In which I talk about Christmas

I am giving myself 15 minutes to type this post. Because, I’m tired and it’s bedtime. Plus, I shut my foot in the door yesterday. It hurt bad! So bad that I fell to the floor in fetal position. I don’t think the back of my foot will ever be the same. I put on my running shoes today (new pink ones that Spence got me for Christmas) to go to the gym and I wanted to cry. It. Hurt. Bad. So instead of going to the gym I just got done doing a work-out video. Barefoot. Anyways, all that just to tell you that I am tired AND due to the work-out video I also need to shower before bed. Umm, I don’t think I am using my 15 minutes wisely. In the next 14 minutes I wanted to jot down a little about our Christmas. But how can I ever recap so much, in so little time? A list. A list conquerth all:
  • First up, Christmas Eve. We had the typical Christmas Eve. Opened up our new Christmas pajamas. Made cookies for Santa. And spent a good 30 minutes rolling a marble down the vacuum attachment.
  • Brynlee loved everything about Christmas morning. And would say, “Oh, it’s just what I wanted” with every present she opened.
  • She loved it so much that she opened her presents, Jace’s presents, Spence’s presents and my presents.
  • We planned on having my parents, Marie, Alan, Katie and my Grandma & Grandpa Showell over for Christmas dinner. But due to snow and closed roads most were unable to make it. Thankfully my Grandparents and Katie were already in town so they were available to share the 12 pound ham with us. Otherwise, my Holiday weight gain very well could have doubled. And as a bonus, we also got to enjoy a wonderful visit with my grandparents.
  • I know I already mentioned this, but now I have picture proof that we went ice blocking sledding with the Francis Family. There wasn’t much snow, but what was there had iced over and was slick, slick, slick! Holy super fast. Pictures by SFoto
  • And did I mention that I beat Sarah at Dr. Mario? Just wonderin’! Times up. I guess there will have to be a second installment. Good Night!


Lacy said...

Brynlee's nose and cheeks are so cute and rosy in the sledding pictures, AND is that Jace on grandpas lap? He DOES look big and his hair his falling out funny or is it growing in? funny but cute..or should I say CUTE.

Our Bingham Family Blog said...

Oh, I love the picture of you and cute....which reminds we need to get our family pictures taken before Brooke is of these days :)!!!

sarah louise said...

So Gavin told me the other day that I should fake play you in Dr. Mario by using your Mii, and have you lose so I could take a picture and prove that I could beat you too. Smart kid that one!

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