Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In which I talk about New Years

My little sister, Katie, was over last night watching an episode of “The Biggest Loser”. Not sure why, but something about a 400 pound guy running, sweating, bawling and throwing-up while on the treadmill makes my eyes get all sorts of watery. Chokes me right up. While Kate and I fought back tears, Spencer was in the kitchen eating (the show obviously has a much different effect on him). Brynlee joined Spence and very matter-of-factly informed him that Kate had been watching a show “where that guy took his clothes off.” Shame on you Katie. I think you need to explain yourself. And now for the second installment of the list. The New Years Edition.
  • We went to my Aunt Rose’s and Uncle Jim’s house for New Years. And what a ball we had. Thanks Rosey for hosting us.
  • Doing nothing but playing cards for two days may be great for the mind, but not so good for your personal hygiene. And don’t quote me about it being good for the mind.
  • And just for the record my mom is a card-a-holic! She loves playing cards almost as much as she loves a good book on tape. And I’m not kidding when I tell you that she loves a good book on tape.
  • And also for the record when playing "Catch Phrase" try your darnest to make sure my moms not on your team. She can’t see those little tiny words if winning the game depended on it.
  • You can tell how intense a game of Pounce is based on how many people are standing and how many are sitting. You can also tell the intensity by the amount of times you hear “My card was there first! Move. Your. Card”! Friendliness is so secondary in a good game of cards.
  • I can now correctly tell you how many and who (except for Alan who wouldn’t share names) each member of my family has kissed. I’m not sure when, but at sometime this has got to be vital knowledge.
  • The Wii is pert near as important in our family gatherings as the family members themselves. And will always and forever be. Amen.
  • Brynlee was fascinated by a little wooden toy that my Aunt Rose’s mother had bought from the Amish during a trip to New York. Brynlee is constantly disappearing during family prayer because she can’t stay still that long, but somehow has the attention to roll a wooden train thingy down a little wooden ladder for hours. That toy is golden. God bless the Amish. I’m wondering if the Amish sell those things on the Internet?
  • “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is not an appropriate game for the entire family. Not sure who it is appropriate for, but definitely not to be played with your parents and brother-in-laws.
  • Remember all the time and band-aides that I dedicated to creating my very own not so pre-lit, pre-lit tree? Well, while taking down the tree (quite possibly humming a joyous tune knowing that next years tree lighting would be nothing more than simple plug in) I saw something fall to the ground. While removing the zip ties that held the extension cords in place I wire snipped right through a string of lights. My coordination never ceases to amaze me. I’m a graceful swan.
And just in case you’re wondering, me and google did a quick search and the Amish do sell their handmade wooden toys on the Internet. No electricity, no cars, no TV, no dating. But the Internet? Sure, why not. I wonder if the Amish blog?


Miranda said...

I usually don't watch the Biggest Loser anymore because I got sick of bawling my eyes out everytime I saw it. But last night I decided to check it out...while eating ice cream cake. Mmmmmm....cake.

Lacy said...

funny, entertaining, and again... funny. Biggest Loser brings on the water works for me too. That is a fun little toy. I wonder if it would work for 5 yr olds and 1 yr olds too.

Janita said...

I love the Biggest Loser! But, I don't cry :) Sounds like you had a blast New Years Eve!

The Jones Family said...

The internet really. the fact that you thought they used it was funny, but the fact you actually found it cracks me up. Funny, we play similar games. Although, I love to play Men are from Mars...with my sisters and their honeys. yes, some questions are read with a bright red face or totally avoid all together. but with in-laws on jones' side NEVER. the jones on the other hand ...Pounce is a blast. that is unless my father-in-law is playing. For some reason he uses his "amputed finger" as an excuse for "slowing" him down :) good times !!!

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