Monday, January 19, 2009

Artwork this good needs to be hung on the fridge!

Had one of those weeks last week.

Found the infant Tylenol in the refrigerator and the Yogurt on the medicine shelf, waited an hour for the washer to get done only to find dry clothes because I forgot to shut the lid, cleaned out the shoe closet and found stuffed in the very back a favorite pair of shoes that had formed into a shape that was no longer suitable for feet, made a phone call and when they answered forgot who I had called. (Big breath followed by a sigh) Emptied the last of the Chex Mix into my mouth then quickly realized that Brynlee had also emptied the last bit in her mouth, decided she didn’t like it, and returned the wet Chex Mix to the bag; spilled bleach on my favorite pants (aka the only pants that comfortably fit) and toyed with the idea of selling a freshly immunized four month old and an overly dramatic two year old on eBay. But I remembered that we are still suspended from eBay* and then felt a little overwhelmed that reinstating our eBay account has been on my to-do list for, um, three years and it still hasn’t gotten done.

OHMYWORD it was quite a week. Oh, but yesterday! Yesterday was good. We got home from church at 12:00! (I LOVE 9:00 CHURCH! I would pay 12% tithing if we could have 9:00 church every single year!)

From 12:00 on we had nothing on our schedule but resting and keeping the Sabbath day holy. So, after dinner we pulled out the hide-a-bed in the family slash toy slash TV room (its kind of a catch-all) and watched a movie. After the movie, Jace and I fell asleep at the head of the bed and Spencer half slept, half entertained Brynlee at the foot of the bed. I’m assuming that Brynlee was playing doctor and Spencer was her patient. She asked Spencer if a series of things would make him feel better and half-sleeping Spencer would reply “yes” to appease his make-shift doctor.

Well, Brynlee diagnosed that if she colored on daddy’s head it would make for a quick recovery. And Spencer (more sleeping than entertaining at this point) agreed that coloring on his head would do the trick. So Brynlee grabbed her markers and proceeded to create beautiful artwork on sleeping Spencer’s forehead. Oh ho ho! I couldn’t have done better myself.

Last week was not so good. But, this week is going to rock. Any week that starts with Spencer’s head getting colored on has got to!!

*Oh, and I would love if someone could explain to me why you can sell a chicken nugget that looks like Jay Leno or the hair from your hair brush on eBay. But, if you get busted selling an answer key for Engineering Economics you are officially suspended!


sarah louise said...

I am glad I am not the only mother who toys with the idea of selling her children on ebay. I wonder if you could get suspended for that?

Mikey and Anna said...

I love your story's, for better of worse they'er all fun to read about. Hope you have the best week ever.

MELISSA said...

Kim! Can I just tell you that I LOVE reading your blog! You are such a good writer...its always very entertaining. I especially loved this post...because we have all been there! Hey, random far apart are your little ones??

Lacy said...

You are one of the most on top of things person I know. To hear that even YOU have those weeks is comforting. I feel for you. It's humerous too. I definitely had to chuckle at the thought of selling your freshly immunized and dramatic 2 yr old on E-bay.

I agree, this week is sure to be better. Brynlee kicked it off with some fun.

Jaime said...

As my little one would say "Wowweeee!" that was a week. :) I'm sorry for you, but it sure made me laugh while reading it. And yes, we have been VERY much enjoying our 9 AM church this year too!

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