Thursday, June 3, 2010

The “Look at Me” Projects: Brynlee’s Display Board

I bought this shelf at the thrift store.
Cost me four bucks.
I loved the flower cut-outs.
And it matched Brynlee's bedroom décor.
But it had faux gold flecked mirrors behind the flowers.
And the shelf portion of it was awkward.

Spencer cut off the shelf.
And the scalloped burnt edges.
And then I primed and painted.
And glued clothespins on the bottom.

{I used Gorilla Glue.
Don't use Gorilla Glue on a project like this.
It expands when it dries.
And leaves a big foam-y bump-y mess.
Learn from my mistake.}

I decorated the clothespins with scrapbook paper and flowers.
And named it Brynlee's display board.

She's been creating and displaying ever since.
And my fridge finally has a little breathing room.

I haven't forgotten about pictures of the MASSIVE BED in all its MASSIVE GLORY.
Well, actually I did.
But then Erin reminded me.
And I will post them.
But with Project: Master Bathroom going on...well,
my OCD won't allow me to take pictures of the
when the bathtub is sitting right next to it.
which is sitting right next to the air compressor,
which is right next to the skill saw.
And the sheetrock dust, AAAHHHHHH, the sheetrock dust.


Miles Family said...

I see from your last post that you didn't like all my hard work. It took me a week to do that bathroom. You better make it look really good to make up for that, or I will cry (good Luck).

Anonymous said...

Adorable! What a cute idea! Good luck on the remodel. Whew!

Kimberlee said...

Rach- It wasn't that we didn't appreciate your hard work, it was the yellow cast iron tub and toilet that ruined it for us. Oh, and the oak toilet seat just had to go. And carpet in the bathroom!? Who carpets in the bathroom.

We'll try to make it look good for you {and for us}.

Lacy said...

oh it's way cute! I was a little firghtened by the before picture. It's adorable and the clothes pins are useably and aesthetically brilliant.

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