Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Monday night list, posted on a Tuesday afternoon.

I wrote this post last night.
But then I never posted it.
Because I had very important things to do.

::Brynlee getting a drink out or the broken drinking fountain at the park::

I was irritable today.
Just one of those days.
I hate when I'm irritable.
It irritates me.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
It has to be.
My laundry baskets overfloweth.
I'll do something about that tomorrow.
Oh, and I've been meaning to get my order sent in for our most recent family photos.
Add that to tomorrow's list, as well.
And on my kitchen counter sits a baby gift that I sent off about 2 months ago.
I addressed it wrong and, therefore, it was returned to my mailbox.
Go figure.
That's irritating.
I've yet to re-mail it.
I'm writing this list as I do the dishes.
Oprah calls it multi-tasking.
Bonus points to whoever can name that movie.
Or should it be whomever?
I don't know.
For FHE tonight we went swimming at our local swimming hole.
The kids had a ball.
And then I was no longer irritable.
I hate my Bosch dishwasher.
Hate it!
It irritates me.
Tonight we'll start Lost: Season Six.
We have a mouse in our garage.
My garage has a loft above it.
That's where I keep all of my storage.
Children's clothes, maternity clothes, power lifting gear, fabric, camping stuff, my shoeboxes of pictures. . .
And food storage.
The dang mouse has helped itself.
We have six mouse traps loaded and ready to snap.
So the mouse has its pick.
But he's no dummy.
Obviously, sunchips and hot chocolate mix take the cake over peanut butter and cheese.
As does the middle section of Jace's swimming towel.
Spence even sweetened the Peanut Butter with a little vanilla.
Pure vanilla.
The good stuff.
It still hasn't succumbed.
Mice are wasteful.
They eat through an entire bag of chips to nibble on one little corner of one little chip.
And their greedy.
They take things that aren't theirs.
Without asking!
That irritates me.


Kali Jo said...

I totally understand the whole mouse thing. I had a little mouse family in my car. 3 traps later i caught 3 mice. thought i got em all. Drove to st. george, squeeking in ceiling of car. Long story short, new windshield replacment guy got a gift for removing the 6 (yes six!!) pinky mice. Love mice yes yes, it's true!! good luck. next time you come, i have a some poisoned wheat for you to try on the little buggers. seems to work for us..

Jami said...

Yeah Kim you dont have a mouse problem, Kali Jo I feel your pain, I am up to catching nine YES NINE mice in my car....well eight to be exact, the other one was still alive and I just happened to be vacuuming out the car after those stupid things and saw one running in my truck and just sucked it right up with the SHOP VAC..made me sqwirm just a little ;)..I cant wait till I have a garage again....GRRR....

Jessica said...

Remember the mouse and the dishwasher!!!!!!

Lindsey Lou said...

Wow, am I ever thankful that mice don't eat our stuff or live in our car! I guess I should be thankful that we don't live near any fields. Good luck with the mouse adventure and I pray you catch it.

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