Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It’s just like I never stopped updating.

::Brynlee and Jace reading books at the library::

I clicked on my Google reader the other morning. 297 new items. Two-hundred and ninety seven. I got overwhelmed, looked away and closed the computer screen as if I'd never seen it. 297 new blog posts to read. Gah.

This evening, when I decided to make an official Google reader recommitment, the number was even larger. It's going to take me awhile to make my way through this web of unread blog posts. I've neglected you dear blogland and I'm sorry. But on the bright side, it looks like you have finally updated. Thanks for that. No really, I was starting to worry that ya'll had sold your entire internet soul to Facebook.

Tonight Spence is out late with somebody other than myself. He lovingly calls her "work". A.K.A. I've got a huge project due and I'll sleep when that's done! A.K.A. I really want the paycheck signer to keep signing the paycheck therefore, I'll stay late. A.K.A. Hey wife, it's 8pm and I'm still at work will you bring me Strawberry Shortcake Ice-cream bar. Please.

So in his absence {after the Strawberry Shortcake Ice-cream bar emergency, of course} Google reader and I ignored the dishes and cuddled on the couch with the lights dimmed, a little music in the background, and a fuzzy blankie wrapped around us.

I've skimmed, read, studied, laughed, cried, glanced at pictures and wondered how those Fabulessly Frugal chicks can find enough great deals to post 15 HUNDRED times a day. Seriously, their Frugalness makes my head spin. And it makes my neglected Google reader account reach 297 new items.

Do you know what else makes my head spin? Going sixteen days without a "real" blog post. {I'm not entirely sure what constitutes a "real" blog post. But I'm about certain a conversation about pink skeleton heads doesn't make the cut.}

Do you want to know what else probably doesn't make the cut? An"if-I-had-been-updating-regularly-this-is-what-the-first-few-sentences-of-the-unwritten-posts-would-have-read" post.

Um, so without further ado, an"if-I-had-been-updating-regularly-this-is-what-the-first-few-sentences-of-the-unwritten-posts-would-have-read" post.  Sorry.  Feel free to mark this read in google reader if you have 296 other blog posts to read.

June 9th: My visiting teachers took me to lunch today. Bet you wished you had visiting teachers like mine. Neiner neiner neiner!

One of the ladies told us that she started wearing make-up when she was 15 years old and since that day she has never EVER left the house without make-up on. I'm not good at guessing ages, but I know that she is retired and is old enough to have loads of grandchildren. And that she's lived through a whole lot of make-up wearing years.

I don't like to overextend myself, but my goal is to never leave the house until I put on a bra and brush my teeth. And sometimes I fail at that. Bet you wish *I* was your visiting teacher.

June 12th: Three cheers for my Grandpa Jess. Happy Birthday to somebody that I will always respect (and cross my legs and sit up tall when I'm around). I love you Grandpa!

June 13th: Jace hates nursery.

June 16th: Things change. People change. Places change. But there's one thing that never changes? Girls camp. Girls camp will always and forever be girls camp. Forever, and ever, amen.

June 17th: I spent the evening around the camp fire tonight singing songs about boys and frogs and kissing and boys and camping and boys. I taught the girls the "hunka-hunka" song that Heather taught us when I was a girl at girl's camp. It brought back memories of my girl's camp days and the songs we used to sing about boys, and tumble weeds, and sharp-tooth buzzards, and boys.

Tomorrow the camp is headed to the nicknamed "Leech Pond" to play on the rope swing. Heaven help me.

June 18th: Last night I slept in a sleeping bag, on the floor of a cabin, in the mountains, without my family! Brynlee is 4½ and Jace is 21 months and until last night I had never EVER slept a night without them. Ever. And Spence and I have been married for {almost} seven years and if I you asked I could probably list every time we've spent the night apart. There's not many. And that's just the way I like it. Nights are much more peaceful when we're all together. I think it's supposed to be that way.

::the upside down Christmas tree sign that welcomed me home from girls camp::

June 19th: I survived girl's camp. And my kids were still here {and cute as ever} when I reported home. As was my house, my husband, and my sisters. Thanks Jami, Kate and Spencer {and the rope swing} for being strong.

June 20th: My dad's rad. And so is his dad. And so is my kid's dad. And so is my kid's dad's dad. Happy Father's Day to all you RAD dads. And to your dads.

June 21st: Brynlee started swimming lessons today. She was about 15 different levels of excited. And then they made her go under water. And then she cried. And then she wasn't excited anymore.

June 21st: I think p-i-c-n-i-c spells summer. My kids think p-i-c-n-i-c spells summer. We've picnicked for lunch for fourteen of the last twenty-one days. Get out your picnic blankets and go on a picnic because it's officially summer.

June 22nd: We spent the day at Lava Hot Springs with the Francis Family just like last year. Spence couldn't come. Some excuse about having to work to pay the bills. Whateve. Can I just tell you that I love Sarah and her family? I think Sarah and I are soul-sister{in-laws}.

June 23rd: Day three of swimming lessons. There were fewer tears.

June 24th: I can't predict the future, but with Spence's busy work schedule I might actually get through my Google reader after the kids are snug in their beds tonight. Or I might do the dishes. Or eat ice-cream while talking on the phone. There is no saying what tomorrow will bring.


::Jace eating Cotton Candy Coldstone Ice-cream::
::Photocredit goes to Brynlee::

*A special thanks to my day planner addiction
for contributing to this post.

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