Monday, October 12, 2009

This here family I married into

You might be a {insert my last name here} if…

…you believe that “Cherry Cheese Cream Cake” is one of the basic food groups.

…if, at last calculation, one plus one equals fourteen!

…if it takes two twenty pound turkeys and a eighteen pound ham to feed your family Thanksgiving dinner.

…if quality family time and an episode of the Simpson's are synonyms.

…if I refer to myself as Jill and you don’t even bat an eye.

…if you think fart is pronounced flatus.

…if you’ve watched The Christmas Story more than eight-seven times.

…if your immediate family is made up of 5 Canadians, 7 Americans and 2 honorary Germans.

…if your idea of a relaxing weekend is knocking down two walls, tiling the master bathroom and refinishing the dining room table all in time to be showered and ready for church Sunday morning.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Ya’ll!Hope you celebrated by making a “Cherry Cheese Cream Cake”.

::a few members of the gang Thanksgiving 2007::
::a few more members of the gang Thanksgiving 2005::
::and a few more members of the gang Canadian Thanksgiving 2007::
P.S. Andrew likes yellow!


sarah louise said...

Kim I actually have pictures of us all on a few actual Canadian Thanksgivings. I will send them your way.

I could add to that list, but I will be nice instead.

Lacy said...

Spencer is Canadian?
I only got a few of your jokes :( I must not be a Meyer.
Is it really cherry Cheese Cream cake? That just doesn't sound right. I thought maybe you transposed the words and it was supposed to be Cherry Cream Cheese Cake...but then you wrote it again the same way. I didn't know there was cherry cheese. I'm up for it though!

Good thing I have you and Janelle to read and comment on my posts or my poor blog would be completly commentless :) About your vivd dream pregnant theory: Not that I know of. That would be cool though. If I am then your theory might hold up. that is werid that you haven't been dreaming, especially since you've been stressed. I dream more than sleep when I'm stressed.

Mikey, Anna, and Lillie said...

No Lacy (sorry I don't know who you are)but in the Myers family it is Cherry Cream Cheese Cake. Our mom also calls Polish sausage Poler sausage and Kim is Jill among other things. It's just one of those cute corky things about our mom. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Miranda said...

Ha! I love it. I told you about how Jen and I used to think Heinrick was a foreign exchange student right?

sarah louise said...

We all call it Cherry Cream Cheese Cake, only Spencer calls it Cherry Cheese Cream Cake. He is the oddball!

Kimberlee said...

Sarah- Spence says your the oddball! :)

Ooh, I know. Let's take a vote. That's one for Cherry Cream Cheese Cake and one for Cherry Cheese Cream Cake. Anna, Gretta, Rach, Victoria, the rest of ya'll, how do you say it?

Miranda- Yeah, that story makes me laugh. He looks German. And, well, the name Heinrick kinda makes ya think that way too.

Kimberlee said...

Oh and Lace, Spence isn't but his mom and his older siblings are Canadians, ay. So I guess that makes Spence 1/2 Canadian. I love it. That means most years we celebrate two Thanksgivings. Can't complain about all the turkey.

P.S. I love reading your blog. It's so you! And I love you.

mammabug said...

Wow, where do you guys sit?

KyAnn said...

I laughed for 3 full minutes about honorary Germans. And I laughed another 3 minutes at Sarah's first comment.

Mikey, Anna, and Lillie said...

Cherry Cheese Cream Cake!!!

sarah louise said...

Anna in your first post you said it was Cherry Cream Cheese Cake, and in your last comment you said Cherry Cheese Cream Cake. Pick a side (perferably my side).

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