Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Honorary Finals Week

Do you know what I hate? Finals week. (((shudder))) Ugg, I hate finals week. Why? Because it's finals week. Everything you've been planning to start planning to do (read: procrastinating) all semester long has to be done THAT WEEK. All those papers that you've been meaning to write? Ummyeah, there due. All of them. During one week. Every single lecture you've listened to & article you've read (or have been meaning to read) will be tested on. DURING ONE WEEK! Your final grade, the grade that appears on your transcript, the one that will be with you for.ev.ever gets decided DURING FINALS WEEK.

Not only that, but since its finals week, you'll get a cold sore. Guarantee! I got one every single finals week. And the cold sore will be a sure sign that you're getting sick. Not just "I don't really feel well" kinda sick, but "I'm pretty sure my head just exploded and I won't live to see another day" kinda sick. REALLY SICK! Plus, work will call. They'll need you to pick up a few extra shifts. Then your MIL, she'll call too. She's coming to visit. ALL WEEK. Why? Because its finals week and you have a test at 7:30 tomorrow morning that you haven't even started studying for. That's why!

Finals week makes my skin crawl.

Have you ever noticed that for three weeks before finals you're dead to the world? You don't receive a single house guest or phone call from even the closest of kin. But, during finals week, friends show up all over the place. People you haven't seen in years show up on your doorstep! And you love family. You love friends! So of course you're going to visit, maybe go to dinner, NOT studying for finals. That's for sure.

Oh, I hate finals week!!

Finals week is the time when your boyfriends dumps ya. Or your child gets the chicken pox. It's when the car breaks down or your Statistic book goes missing. It's when you run out of toilet paper. At two in the morning. And your roommates can't go pick any up. BECAUSE THEIR STUDYING FOR FINALS! It's when the kitchen starts to stink like something died in the garbage disposal. And the football players that live above you are blaring their rap music until 3am. But it doesn't wake you. Because you're already up. STUDYING FOR FINALS!

My mom always says her "nerves are shot". Finals week shoots my nerves!
{sidenote: Breah, do you remember when we stored the clock in the microwave during finals week because the constant ticking was about to push us both over the edge? Dang that clock! Got what it deserved if you ask me.}

Well, guess what? This last week Spence and I had commemorative finals week. Aside from all the textbooks, class time and, well, the actual finals…it was exactly like finals week.

Spencer took all last week off work (due to our final FORCED TIME OFF WITHOUT PAY). And our main purpose for the entire week was to get our kitchen back in working order. Um, it's Wednesday. Of the following week. And we have particle board for flooring. No back splash or upper cabinets (expect for now we do because the cabinet guy came and installed them before I posted this). And about 6 inches of Sheetrock dust on EVERYTHING in my house, including the sliding glass door and the cereal boxes.

But, we do have a kitchen sink. And a dishwasher. So I think that we at least deserve a C-.

::don't steal my camera and take random pictures of yourself pulling faces
unless you want it to randomly appear on my blog::

Other things that happened this week:
* Spencer turned thirty one! Thirty-one baby! When are you no longer a spring chicken?
* We celebrated "Happy 1st Snow Day". To celebrate Spencer and I both picked out a new sweatshirt. His total was $52.98 and mine was $13.77. I haven't told him yet, but I still have $39.21 of "Happy 1st Snow Day" money to spend.
* I love General Conference. It's exactly what you need during a commemorative finals week.
* Katie got a 100% on one of her English papers. And to celebrate she brought us all over a candy bar. I am going to suggest that she celebrate every good grade that way!
* Sarah and the kids came to visit. We went to Outer Limits and McDonald's (because we're classy and love our kids). Sarah brought me a Costco size bag of candy bars. I'm going to suggest that we make that a tradition as well.
* My Mom came to visit for a few days. She got the brunt of my "I hate finals week" attitude. Sorry about that Mom.
* Heard my Uncle Marks favorite primary song during conference. It was beautiful. Mom said Mark was sending us a message. And I agree.

Anyway, back to wiping off layers and layers of Sheetrock dust.

::Brynlee took this picture::


Jessica said...

I think you should send this to the Bengal . . .(is that the school newspaper) . . . maybe they will give you some money! It is hilarious! I love how Jace is giving the thumbs up . . . he must like finals week.

sarah louise said...

Funny...every week of my life feels like this :)
I love the thumbs up picture!

Lacy said...

I love this picture of Jace as well. Good job Brynlee!

Why is that you can't say anything about uncle Mark without my eyes filling up?

Jaime is hilarious.

You really do hate finals week don't you? So does that mean you have a cold sore now? I hope you LOVE your kitchen when you're finished. I may have missed it but whaT DID you decided on for your countertops? and did you ever get my e-mail. I was totally talking up the c one. My older brain doesn't handle vocabulary very well.

Our Bingham Family Blog said...

HAHA...I was just in a hurry and using Hank's computer because I DONT HAVE INTERNET STILL....and saw my picture and had to read the whole post and then I relized all that was about the picture was under the picture....haha did you like the other pictures I took too...

Alan said...

WOW! that is priceless! Brynlee couldnt have snapped a better picture! pretty good aim too! must be those safety glasses that you have her wearing. Keeps all the debri out of her eyes so she can see clearly. hahaha...Has the quaranten been lifted from your house yet!?

Kimberlee said...

Alan?! You read this thing? Nice of you to stop by! :)

The safety goggles are part of the swine flu protocol. They quarantine your house and make you wear safety goggles AT ALL TIMES! Weird, I know. But whatever.

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