Monday, October 19, 2009

And now we return

October 18, 2009
Our weekend trip to SLC has ended.
We went to the Hogle Zoo, The Children’s Museum, The Clark Planetarium and dinner at the lovely Lion House.
Slept at a Hotel with a waterpark.
Kate has the hook-up.
Then we went to the Dinosaur Museum, the aquarium and Thanksgiving Pointe Gardens.
{Which we almost opted out of)
{I’m so glad we didn’t}
{IT.WAS.BEAUTIFUL. Breathtaking even.}
And we ate at Chuck-a-rama.
My family is always game for an all you can eat.
And somehow a few of us even found time for a quick trip to Ikea.

We spent the entire weekend with the family.
We had a ball.
We laughed a lot.
And took hundreds of pictures.

And now we are home.
With piles and piles of laundry.
Exhausted children.
And loads of good memories.

I hope we do it again.

:::car ride to SLC:::
:::this, my friends, is Jace's zoo face:::

:::You thought I was kidding? He didn't close his mouth the entire zoo visit. He loved it. And I love him.:::
:::Marie & Brynlee discovering:::
:::Livvie, Brynlee, me & Brookie in the helicopter:::

:::The two of us:::

:::The girlies:::

:::Spence & Brynlee:::

:::Business as usual:::

:::Three of my favorite guys:::

:::Brynlee & Brooke:::

:::Marie & Maddie gorilla climbing:::



Our Bingham Family Blog said...

I second that!!! We had a blasty I sound like Mom!

Jenni said...

Jace's zoo face is too funny!
We went to the dinosaur museum in August, it was $2 Tuesday. Bad idea! The museum wasn't big enough for the crowd and there were empty double strollers everywhere and they were always in the way. We do want to go back next time we are in the area just not on $2 Tuesday. And we didn't have time to visit the gardens and I think there might be a petting zoo too.

Our Bingham Family Blog said...

I was looking back over your pictures to show Zeb and I realized that you do have an "engagement" picture on here with the two of you....:), and also Zeb likes Brynlee's "Coat of Many Colors"!!!!

Kimberlee said...

James- That would be one white trash wedding!

Lacy said...

wowsers! you had a busy, fun filled weekend.

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