Thursday, October 22, 2009

a (nineth) confession

Um, we had the swine flu. For about 2 ½ weeks we did. Right in the middle of honorary finals week. I wouldn’t recommend it.

No worries though. Now we are all healthy, wealthy and wise.

But only a little bit wise. And not one bit wealthy. But we are healthy and it feels so good.


mammabug said...

Glad you guys are all feeling better. This whole flu thing is crazy this year.

Jenni said...

Now you don't need to get the vaccine!

The Jones Family said...

Looking back at the previous blogs i think kobe had on jace's zoo face as he looked at your blog. Heck apparently i don't need to take my kids to fun things, I can just look at your blog!!Kobe kept saying "let me see the dinosaur again!!How do you get such cute pictures on your blog? Beside i'm sure your camera is too cool, I love what you can do with them!!!

Kimberlee said...

Nope. Nothing "too cool" about my camera. I think it's a step or two above a polaroid. Maybe.

I love editing and playing around with my pictures. I use a site called picnik that my sis-in-law told me about. It's easy to use and free. I like both those things.

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