Wednesday, October 16, 2013

this september, jace's birthday

Also in September Jace turned five. To celebrate we went swimming, ate at Pizza Pie Café (with a surprise monster cookie birthday dessert as big as my head), and had a family movie night/slumber party in the toy room. Jace was the boss for the day - a role that is completely out of character for that boy - but it turned out being his absolute favorite part of his birthday. He talked about “being the birthday boss” for weeks after. The birthday boss rules: any and all choices were his to make. And even Brynlee was certain to not gives clues into where she wanted to eat, or what kind of birthday cupcakes she wanted, or what present she wanted him to open first. She really tried hard to not influence his decisions. He is such a pleaser and so easy going that he seldom takes the role as decision maker. It was a fun change from the norm.

Happy Birthday Buddy! You rock at being five!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Whoa, super impressed that Brynlee gave up being the boss AND Jace let it happen! :)

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