Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This very minute.

A 12 on the 12th preview:
The kids and I jumping on the trap in the rain.
Right now at our house:
Brynlee is loading every single toy we own into gift bags for her pretend birthday party.  She’s labeled them all To: Brynlee / From: Pretend Friend Brookie or To: Brynlee / From: Pretend Friend Livvie [in honor of her *real* cousins, I assume].  She even asked me how to spell To: Birthday Girl Brynlee / From: All the pretend friends in the whole entire world that want to be the birthday girl’s friend and come to her party and give her a present and sing her a song and eat birthday cake.  I abbreviated it to say From: Friends from the Party because quite frankly, she was requesting a whole lot of letters.
Jace is at the top of the stairs helping give his superhero action figures free rides on a Frisbee.  I overheard him tell Batman that he didn’t need to ride on the “shootplane” {Jace’s word for airplane} because he knew how to fly.  And then he proceeded to throw poor Batman down the stairs without a mode of transportation.  I think I saw Hulk say a quick prayer thanking the Superhero God that he wasn’t gifted with the superhero power of flight.
And I am debating if I should use this precious time while both my kids are occupied to 1) finishing canning the rest of the peaches that are sitting on my kitchen cabinet 2) work on my latest diy project knowing that I won’t be able to completely finish it until Breah gets here this weekend delivering the rest of my fabric 3) read the newspaper, or 4) work on my 12 on the 12th blog post.  Err. . . no, I think I’ll prepare my church lesson.  Right after I put away the laundry.  Or should I vacuum the van.  Lunch, I should probably start preparing lunch.  Oh the possiblities.  Or rather - Oh, the responsibilites. 
P.S.  Brynlee is requesting that I get down the party hats, balloons and streamers for her pretend birthday party.   I suggested using pretend party hats, balloons and streamers for her pretend party but she didn't agree. 


kylee said...

and once again you have me wanting nothing more in life than to be a mom. also way random, but i had a dream a couple nights ago that you had me babysit your kids. i don't remember much, but i do remember we had the best night of our lives.

Erin said...

ha! I love seeing how kids' imaginations work and how they spend their play time. Definitely some good stories to turn back to when they are all grown up and y'all want to reminisce. So sweet!

KERRY said...

Oh that looks like lots of fun :) Try lying down on it and getting the kids to jump, it's so hard to get up and is quite nauseating lol

The Staley Family said...

Oh how fun! And yes the possibilities (responsibilities) are always endless aren't they?! I love that there is always so much fun at your house. You inspire me to be a better mom!

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