Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting My {Clean} Freak On

So.  Let’s talk about cleaning, shall we?

Back on the 12th I posted a snapshot of my weekly cleaning list.  Twelve snapshots from the day and one of them is my cleaning list.  Lame, much?  I’m not afraid to admit that my life is awesome - obviously glorious and glamorous and something that you should be insanely jealous of.

Moving on. 

The post was a precursor to an uproar of requests for me to share my house cleaning list.  Three requests actually.  But honestly that means approximately 75% of my readers would like to see a copy of my weekly house cleaning list.  So, a relative uproar indeed.

Anyway. here’s my dilemma: Messes are alive and well at my house.  I live with little people.  Jace has a tendency to dump out every.single.toybin in search of his {quote, unquote} favorite Spiderman.  Only to find the prized toy sitting on the couch right next to his seven other “favorite” Spidermans.  But it doesn’t matter because he is already busy pulling off the bookshelf to stack next to every.single.tupperware that he has emptied from the kitchen drawer onto every.single.pillow that he’s pulled off of all the beds and piled next to the couch for jumping purposes.  And Brynlee thinks she is now of age to make her own sandwich.  Which, great.  But one of the sandwich making requirements is that you need to figure out how to put the lid back on the mayo?  And why does the dirty knife have to go on the seat of the barstool?  Seriously, what’s wrong with the sink?  Or, at very least, the kitchen counter?  And no matter how many times I remind my husband he still can’t figure out how to put his shoes in the shoe closet.  Bless his heart.  He can write computer code and talk nerd like it’s his job {literally} but he can’t seem to master the elementary task of putting his Adidas sandals back in the shoe bin when he’s done with them.

I guess my dilemma is:  My house gets messy.  We live here. 

So, do I hold my feather duster high and post my cleaning list like a proud clean freak should - knowing full well that tomorrow when you unexpectedly stop by my house there is a high possibility that you will be welcomed by a sink full of dirty dishes.  And possibly a pair of dirty socks on the living room sofa.  Right next to the Adidas sandals.

I mean, of course I’m going to post my cleaning list.  Because those people that won’t share their recipes because it’s a “secret” drive me craaaaazzzy.  Plus, THREE PEOPLE asked for it.  A virtual uproar, you guys.  A virtual uproar.  {ahem, one of which is my lil’ sister}

I just need to make a few confessions because it will help me feel less hypocritical when you show up at my house unannounced.  1) My house gets messy.  2)  My house gets messy.  And 3) my house gets messy.  And also, I don’t even own a feather duster.

Anyway, I’m jotting down a few of my “what works for me” cleaning tips and I will be posting it along with my house cleaning list sometime in the next day or two.  So, I guess this whole post is a ridiculously long answer to Karalynn’s facebook comment, Angie’s blog reminder and Jami’s second request while she was at my house over the weekend:  It’s in the works, my friends.  I haven’t forgotten you.

And also, in case you skipped over it earlier.  My house get’s messy.

That is all.


KERRY said...

I'm looking foward to seeing this list Kim, and then if I like what I read, I'd like you to come and clean my house :)
Thanks x

sarah louise said...

I don't know who you are trying to kid. Your version of a messy house and messy house reality are two very different things!! You have some super human talent of keeping everything clean and organized and looking magazine ready, even with two little munchkins. And yeah I am completely jealous of your awesome, glorious life. :)

Jami said...

I just want to say that I am living proof that Kim's house gets messy! BUT....I strongly believe it is when MY TWO KIDS and I come for a visit ;)! HAHA...I really did make the request of the cleaning list....because I, my friends, am not as OCD (which isnt a bad thing, Kim) as my older sister! BUT I WISH I WAS :)!!!!!!

The Staley Family said...

I love to be inspired by someone else's cleaning techniques. I am looking forward to reading yours! Although my house seems more messy than clean most of the time. There is something about a clean house that makes me a much happier person. I also find a lot a satisfaction in cleaning (not picking up endless toys but a good deep clean). Thanks for sharing! Thanks Jami for asking!

Anonymous said...

You don't have to own a feather duster because your house NEVER gets dirty. I swear it's self cleaning or something.

Thanks in advance for posting the list though. I'm always curious how people with spic and span houses clean.


Miranda said...

Okay well this is fantastic. I honestly got excited when I saw your title because I've been MEANING to ask you for your cleaning list for AGES. I have a strange curiosity for knowing the cleaning habits of my cohorts. Of course you already know this because I am constantly asking you for cleaning advice. In conclusion: Yay!

Debbie said...

It's crazy isn't it? It takes my goofballs less than 10 minutes to distroy a house. I would love to follow a list but I'm too lazy.

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