Monday, September 12, 2011

This, that and the other

Canna Lily from my flower garden
  • I planted some Canna Lily bulbs in my flowers beds this spring.  So glad I did.  That color burst of red is beautiful.  Might be my new favorite.
  • I realized while posting my ABC’s of August post that my kids eat the foam blocks.  No kidding.  When I looked at the pictures I realized there wasn’t a single block without teeth marks.  I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, kids are so weird!
  • My washer is dead.  Dead, dead.  That makes me sad.  Is it tacky to admit you are a bit sentimental about your washer machine?  No.  Well then, I’m a bit sentimental about my washing machine.  [Hint: My friends nicknamed it my promise ring.]  We’ve yet to go shopping for a new washing machine because I’m not quite ready to label the old one beyond repair.  But I’m starting to feel lame mooching off my newlywed lil’ sis so I’m certain a new washer/dryer is in our near future.  Any suggestions?
  • I’ve been feeling the need to create lately.  My mind is racing with ideas.  I love that feeling of idea overload.  Especially when you feel like you own the ideas.
  • I’m loving the group of Young Women in my Laurels class right now.  Such a good mix.  Such a fun group.  So lucky to be their leader.
  • Yesterday, four years ago, I experienced my first miscarriage.  Makes September 11th a double whammy.  Terrorists and miscarriages.  They both suck!
  • Spencer ended up taking a class for his master’s degree this semester, can’t remember if I mentioned that or not.  He’s taken a class at the college here in our town.  So far it’s proving to be a much easier class than his nightmare class that he took distant learning last semester.  Fingers crossed it stays that way.
  • I can’t believe my Jace buddy is three.
  • You know those days when you feel like you are discovering an entirely new level of ugly?  I’ve had an entire month of those days.
  • Sometimes I wonder why I blog.  I mean, it really is such a strange phenomenon.  Writing your thoughts down in such a public forum for others to read.  To judge.  To form opinions.  To comment on.  Or not to comment on, even, but rather to read without the writer ever knowing that you are a reader.  It’s a strange thing, right? 
  • Sometimes I think of quitting.  Possibly making my blog private and only allowing my own eyes to read.  Possibly writing in a more traditional journaling manner, with paper and pencil.  Possibly turning my blog into a place neglected - a place where somebody used to write. 
  • And then sometimes things happen.  Like some blonde clutz disguised as a mother {read: me} drops the external hard drive that holds every.single.picture I have ever taken.  Every.single.picture, you guys.  And the pictures are no longer accessible.  And the only comfort I can mull up is ‘well, at least I’ve written it all down . . . at least I have my blog’.  And that right there gives me motivation to continue jotting down my gibberish ramblings on my silly little blog.  Because most the things I write on here mean absolutely nothing to a reader.  But to me. . . well, to me they are quite literally my life.
  • One last thing.  Did you know that if you put an external hard drive that some blonde clutz disguised as a mother {read: me} has dropped and broken into the freezer {the freezer!} there is a very, very small chance that the external hard drive will be accessible long enough to get years of photo files off before it dies forever.  And that there is why Spencer’s bff, Troy, will always and forever be my bff.  Because between him and the deep freeze they saved all my photos.  I will never be able to repay him.  Or the deep freeze for that matter.
Enjoy your Monday.


Erin said...

I was told.. that the best washer and dryer you can get are the LG ones. We currently have a Maytag Duet and are incredibly happy with it. You should check out this site: I go to it all the time to get an idea of what products have the best reviews- ironically it puts LG washers and dryers up high as well, so check 'em out!

I would totally understand if you made your blog private but I really hope you don't. I enjoy reading your thoughts and stalking your life ha! :) Have a great day!


kylee said...

blogging really is strange but so great. please oh please never stop blogging. i would cry. but really, i love your blog. your entire external hard drive gone? the whole thing? i think i would die. literally drop to the ground and die a horrible death. please bless i never drop my external hard drive. the deep freeze solution? who knew! so happy you got your pictures back!

KERRY said...

Kimberlee!! I'll be crying too along with Kylee if you ever stop blogging!! :(
You're one of new fave friends although we've never met...If you do make it private you can just invite me :)
Who would of thought a feezer would fix it? Well that Troy is one smart guy!
Nice flowers, the colour is lovely - just like you!!

Jessica said...

Im glad that you got your pictures back . . . because in ten years when I realize I never took very many pictures of my kids maybe I will be able to come over and steal all the ones you have of my kids! And I posted a Happy Birthday to Jace the other day and it didn't post! So Happy Birthday Jace I think you are my favorite three year old!!

Jen said...

I love you, Kim.

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