Sunday, February 16, 2014

this january

There was this one day in January that felt like Spring.

The number seven, preschool style. 

The Avenger Puzzle completion.

Family Portrait by Jace.
(And a few additional scribbles added by our tiniest little monster.)

More artwork by Jace. Once there was a snowman.

Playing with their food.

A half stained fence, and a boy in my tree.

Housework. Because every now and again the table is in need of a good vacuuming.

My little primary class. 
We were working onValentine gift for their moms. They promised good smiles only if I allowed for a few goofy ones. 

Swinging in the cold.

Creating all manner of rubber band goodies. 

Heart bracelets for her classroom valentines.

An afternoon walk.

About two seconds after I took this picture Marlee's platform rolled out from underneath her and she landed on her head.

About two seconds after I took the last picture, I took this picture, quite by accident.

Jace is doing his "homework", Marlee is "helping".

I can't get over how cute she looks in that little hat grandma gifted her.

A rubber band panda to add to the loom collection.

Marlee on the table.
 And speaking of big sister's rainbow loom collection I think she is wearing the product of a successful heist.

Another day, another slide, same adorable hat.

Spotlight for Primary. All about Jace.

And this one belongs to Brynlee.

An ode to the neck brace photo.

Busted. I was wondering how she kept getting into the permanent markers.

Homemade tool belt.

More January schoolwork. The letter "W".

My guess?: Barney. It's her favorite.

I would like to thank the month of January and the neck brace for allowing them the time to finish the entire game. 
Jace was so proud.

And that was January in a nutshell.


Jaelynn said...

My table is looking a little grim... would Marlee mind vacuuming it for me??
And man, Brynlee is a pro with the loom. She'll be making her own demonstration videos any day now!

Jessica said...

I love the tool belt! And the platform that is hilarious!!

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