Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ABC Wednesday

{A}nother month. January is over. February is here. I say it’s time to make some heart shaped sugar cookies to celebrate, don’t you?
{B}aby Blessing & Baptism. It was a big weekend for the Povey Family. Lincoln got baptized on Saturday and Kyle got blessed on Sunday. Our family got to be part of both. I’m so glad the Poveys are our friends.
{C}hallenge accepted. Bryn’s elementary school did a reading challenge to try to get every student in the school to read 300 pages in 3 weeks. Brynlee read somewhere close to 2700! I’m proud of her.
{D}oggone it. Jace is absolutely terrified of Kyle’s dog. He really loves to play with Kyle but he expects 100% of the playdates to take place at our house. I don’t mind, but I wonder if Kyle feels a bit gypped by the whole playdate situation.
{E}xactly what we needed. Yesterday the kids and I bundled up and spent the afternoon running around {in the snow} on the golf course. I pulled Marlee in the sled the entire time. Whenever I would stop she would yell, “Let’s go, mom! Let’s go!” A bit of a bossy pants, that one.
{F}irewood. We are down to our last two rows of wood for the fireplace. Time for summer
{G}ood Riddance. Our house is no longer in a flood zone. Which means absolutely nothing to most of you, but to us it’s huge. Our required flood insurance payment was more than double our homeowners insurance. I like saving money! 
{H}airdo. I need to get my hair did like something fierce. Note to self: one year between hair appointments is much too long! Tomorrow’s my lucky day.
{I} read. I just got done reading Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. I loved it. It made me think about God, and why I am here, and what I believe. It’s good to have a reason to think really deeply about those things every once in a while. Don’t you agree?
{J}uvenile example. Brynlee has motivated both Spencer and I to read more. It’s been such a nice change of pace to sit down with a book.
{K}issable. Jace had his first kiss. It made him cry. Bless his little heart.
{L}essons of the swimming sort. Brynlee and Jace started swimming lessons last week. I sorta love me some January swimming lessons; it makes it feel like summer for one hour two times a week. Until the kids have to walk outside with wet hair, then the summer dreaming is over!
{M}emories. Brynlee and I have been playing Skip-bo a lot lately. Skip-bo reminds me of my friend Erin. We used to play that game all the time - including ever morning on the school bus.
{N}eck brace status. Spence's neck brace has been removed. I repeat, Spence's neck brace has been removed. Oh happy day.
{O}h my cuteness. We go to swimming lessons at a gym where aerobic classes are offered. On Monday Marlee stood outside the studio door and did the entire aerobic workout with the ladies. Spence asked if I felt like we should pay for the class since she certainly had taken part of it. I was hoping the extreme cardiovascular workout would exhaust her for the night – not even a chance!
{P}resently. The kids are eating a bowl of cereal and drinking hot chocolate totally unaware that we’ve got to stop by the grocery store before swimming lessons tonight. A surprise that they are no doubt going to jump up and down with excited about. NOT!
{Q}uotable.A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it.” ~Jerry Seinfeld 
{R}elationship problems. Jace came home from preschool the other day and told me that sometimes he and Miley (his bff from his speech intervention preschool) have a hard time being best friends. When I asked him why he said because they “mostly can’t ever understand each other”. Ha. Adorable. Also, welcome to the real world of boy/girl relationships, my son. Sometimes dad and I “mostly can’t ever understand each other” either.
{S}olution. Jace then told me that he and Miley decided to only say short things to each other because they could understand short things much better than long things. I so love that kid!
{T}omorrow. It’s the 100th day of School for Brynlee.
{U}ndecided. Today Brynlee and I painted a shoe box with primer. She’s decided that she can’t wait another minute to get our Valentine’s box craft on. Only problem - she thinks she maybe wants a frog, but maybe a dog. But probably a minion. But definitely it would be best to have a monster.
{V}alentine’s day looms. And speaking of Valentine’s Day. Brynlee has made all the girls in her class a rainbow loom bracelet with a heart charm for Valentine’s Day, and she is working on basketball, football and soccer key chains for the boys. That chick is a looming fool.
{W}ishful thinking. Whenever Spence or I run on the treadmill Jace calls it “riding the treadmill”. Today, when I did my workout, I tried to convince myself I was just out for a relaxing morning ride. It still kicked my butt.
{X}enic. As in H2XeO4. As in smart. As in Spence and I have been catching up on the last season of The Big Bang Theory. That show is genius-ly hilarious.
{Y}ipee. Did I mention that the neck brace is no longer a part of our family? Spence came home from work yesterday and wrestled the kids. The excitement in our house was through the roof. The kids have been missing some daddy wrestling. I’m so glad that he is feeling more himself lately. And so is he. But mainly the kids are!
{Z}iggy zaggy zonk. Zero. The end.


Jaelynn said...

I feel like you need to devote an entire post to Jace's first kiss story. I need to hear it! Love that boy!

Jessica said...

Awesome reading Bryn!! I love Jace--he really is a wise little guy! And Marlee--she is going to keep you busy!

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