Monday, May 20, 2013

Speaking of that...

Jami called last night. “Wanna know what I love?” she asked. “I love when mom comes over to my house and tells me stories about how wild Marlee is. It makes me so happy … it’s about time you get a Brookie.”

Brookie” is code word for “Oh sista, you’ve got yourself a wild child! God bless you!”

Brookie is Jami’s oldest daughter. She’s spicy. Bless her heart.

And Jami’s heart.

And my heart, apparently!

Yes, yes. Please bless my heart.

I told Spence last night that it takes Brynee, Jace and I to keep that little girl at bay. The kids are constantly calling for me, “Mooooom, look at Marlee!” I race in to see her standing on the kitchen table. Or stuck, head first, in the toy bins. Or standing on top of the toilet. Or the kitchen counter. Or scaling the bookcase. Or emptying every single cupboard/bin/tote/drawer onto the floor.

No kidding. The chic’s a wild child.

Speaking of my Marzee:

She got her first black eye. [see paragraph above for how that could’ve happened]

Also, she turns one next month! I’m trying not to think about it too much.

Speaking of growing up:

A week or so ago was Jace’s Mommy and Me day at preschool. It’s one of those things that I look forward to during the year: the holidays, springtime, the end of the school year, the crab apple tree blooming and Mommy and Me day at preschool. 

I am so proud of Jace. He has grown so much this year in preschool.

I’ve never really been one of those mothers who mourn all the passing signs of babyhood. I mean kids get bigger no matter what and I think that motherhood just gets better and better as we weave our way through the highway of childhood stages. Surviving breastfeeding, taking away the pacifier {or Jace’s silky}, graduating to the big potty, kissing the terrible three’s goodbye {You think two’s bad? Wait to see what three has in store for you!}.

I loved all those stages. So much so. But I wouldn’t go back, because I love this stage too.

I love Jace as a preschooler!

Speaking of Mommy and Me Day:

Miss Lori read us Mars Needs Moms as part of our day at preschool with our kids. It’s a book I never tire of hearing. And every time I hear the book I cry. Like, real tears. The kind that swell up in the back of your throat and stay there until the tears start to roll down your cheeks.

Mars needs Moms. Kids need Moms. And even Moms need Moms.

My favorite lines of the book:

"Anyone could see that [mothers] were giant, summer-stealing, child-working, perfumy goblins. There was hardly much special about that."

And speaking of Mom’s:

We spent Mother’s Day at The Farm. Here’s the proof:

Also, my mom's the best.

And speaking of Mother’s Day:

I delivered a beautiful hanging basket to my mom for Mother’s Day. It was pretty enough: purple, full, smelt so sweet. But then here comes Alan with his hanging basket. Purple[er], full[er], smelt sweet[er]. Plus, he grew the dang thing himself in his greenhouse!
Cheeky showoff!
And speaking of Alan:
He also brought a bunch of flowers for each of his sisters for a Mother’s Day gift. Flowers that he also grew in his little greenhouse. [again, showoff]. I planted all of mine in my backyard flowerbeds. They are so pretty.

Speaking of my flower beds:
I picked up this little sunbathing frog at the thrift store the other day. It was so ugly and so strange that I couldn’t pass it up. I brought her home and gave the thing a fresh coat of spray paint. Brynlee and I couldn’t stop laughing at how the frog just sat there so chill while I doused it with paint. And then I laughed out loud to just myself again this morning when I looked out the window and saw her sunbathing there – arms behind head, legs kicked out – just chillin’. It’s about finding joy in the simple {and stupid} things, I guess.
We named her Kermi.
Speaking of finding joy in the simple things:
3 days, 22 hours, 42 minutes and 23….22…21 seconds until schools out for summer. Schools out forever.
Do me a favor and sing that last part. Alice Cooper style.

Speaking of school:
Last Friday Jace had his big preschool graduation. {Well mock graduation, since he still has one more year of preschool yet to come.}

He surprised me. He sang every song. Danced, clapped, giggled, did hand motions and enjoyed every single second of it. I couldn’t stop smiling at his totally out of character on stage presence. I mean, he certainly wasn’t the loudest one up there. But he was up there and having a ball.
It is so fun to watch my kids learn and grow and come out of their shy little shells. I know they experience uncomfortable growing pains along the way, but watching them shine, without their shell, is such a fun accomplishment to witness.

Speaking of preschool graduation:
The little preschool graduates each take a turn saying something they can do. An “I can” statement. Some say I can dance, or I can sing, or I can run really fast. {Brynlee professed that she could whistle.}
Jace decided that he wanted to score a soccer goal.
So when it was his turn, he stood in the middle of the stage, with his soccer ball, and proudly {yet somewhat inaudibly} declared in the microphone that he could score a soccer goal.
Spence and I both assumed that he would take a few small kicks to make his way closer to the soccer goal then kick it in, scoring his goal. That’s how he had practiced before the event anyway.
But nope, he set the ball down in front of him and with one giant kick, kicked the soccer ball across the entire stage and straight into the goal.
The crowd went wild. :)
It seriously was the best soccer goal I have ever seen a pint size soccer player score. He was pretty dang proud.

Speaking of soccer:
The kids finished their last soccer games of the season on Saturday.
Both of them finished the season strong: Jace scored a goal during the final game, and Brynlee scored two.
And then they got a trophy! So you know, coolest thing EVER!!

Brynlee missed her team photo while we were in Disneyland :(
And speaking of finishing things up:
The end. 


Jessica said...

I'm jealous that I didn't get any flowers!! Marlee is adorable and I stared at Brynlees soccer pic for a full minute trying to figure out which one was her before I read the caption!

Megan Bailey said...

I can't believe you have such a daring dare devil on your hands. Marlee is such a stinker! And way to go Jace! So awesome that he finished preschool and is showing off his all his talents; coming out of his shell and scoring an awesome goal!

P.S. I also really like your top in Jace's preschool graduation photo. Super cute!

Jami said...

Haha, this post seriously cracked me up the whole way through! Marlee LOOKS mischievous. I am SO GLAD that you get to experience Wild Child Syndrome, I hope she never outgrows it! So Zeb was looking over my shoulder when I was looking at the soccer pictures and I had forgot that Spencer was Jaces coach! Zeb asked if Spence was on the team too ;)! Also with that brother of ours, I wish I got a little of his "flower whispering" tendencies, I sure hope I can keep the dang things growing!!

Jami said...

Oh also, I was gonna say, since Marlee is almost one and you are sad about all this "change of seasons" about kids getting older and that okay and you liked them when their young and stuff too....blah blah....I was thinking it would be just a grand idea to have another one!!! Marlee needs a little brother or sister, don't ya think?!?!?!

Kimberlee said...

Jami- Zeb's comment had Spence and I dying of laughter. So funny. And you better believe that he was on Jace's team too. :) There is no better coach for a 3-4 year old soccer team than Spencer. The kids loved him, but duh!

And also ... abut having another baby ... shut-up, and blah, blah, blah and shut- up and stuff!

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