Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Listen. I had high hopes of spending this evening writing a blog post {or four} to get my wee little bloggy all up to date. But by the time 12 o’clock {in the am} rolled around I was just as frazzled as I could be – but I had not accomplished a single thing other than figuring out how to add an attachment to an email. A task that I have mind numbingly done for years!

Oh, and I also ate about 27 Almond Rocas. But that’s beside the point.

Remember how Spencer got me a new computer for my birthday. Hip hooray! But here’s the kicker, that new computer runs with Windows 8.

And, I’m not gonna lie: Windows 8 … I have no kind words for you.
But I do have very serious question: "Why did you guys feel a need to hide practically everything?" Apparently we can't have a Start button and a Start screen. And for some reason it takes 18 clicks and reciting an ancient chant to close a webpage.
Drive me absolutely batty!
So anyway, I am tucking myself in and calling it a night before my whole entire brain explodes into a million itty bitty fried pieces.
But first, this.
It’s a handful a pictures from when we hit up the Museum of Clean here in my town. It’s a museum. That focuses on clean. The name even says so.
And that museum … it’s a wonder, you guys. And very strange. Yet, clean.
You should come check it out. And when you come you should come over to my house for dinner. I will send you an email with all the details attached. Because I know how to add an attachment now. Thankyouverymuch.
Oh and one more thing before the Museum of Clean photo dump. This article was framed and hung on the wall at the Museum of Clean. I’ve thought of it many o’ times lately, you know, while I warm up corndogs last minute for dinner without a trace of makeup {and no ribbon in my hair!}, having yet to offer my hard working husband a drink. As the kids, and the dishwasher, dryer, washer and vacuum, scream in the background. And while my poor husband, with shoes still on feet, helps me carry the laundry baskets upstairs and listens to everything I have to say about what we did that day.

He's so lucky to have me.



Kamilla said...

Wow! That is one museum I have to see. It sounds like my kind of place. That article was interesting. I like the part about making the home a place a peace, although I am confident that my topics of conversation are much more important than his :) And I do know my place as the respected queen of the household. You are so right, Spencer is lucky you have you! Good luck with the new computer.

Miranda said...

Wow. I mean, we all know I'm no feminist. But this article is making me cranky. And I totally understand that it is like, history...and culture...and stuff. At first I thought it was funny and then I was like...hey! Wait a minute! Okay. I'm just blabbering so I'll stop.

Jami said...

I have seen that article. It cracks me up! We need to go with you to the museum of clean this summer, pencil it in. Okay!

Jaime said...

1) we've been thinking of getting a new computer, so your "review" of windows 8 is timely and appreciated!
2) yeah, my poor husband. that's not the wife he gets when he gets home....
3) I've been planning on going to that museum ALL winter long! just haven't got around to it... soon though, oh so soon. :)

Kimberlee said...

Jaime- Take my {not so} professional opinion and steer clear of Windows 8. And I have been meaning to email you back. Hope to get that done tomorrow.

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