Thursday, May 9, 2013

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::what jace does when brynlee’s at gymnastics::
::one + one, on the swingset::
::soccer || notice the tongue::
::soccer || he scored his first goal::
::soccer || she scored one too::
::april 28 || thirty one::
::ten months::
::hello albert einstein hair::
::making music::

::the tight rope::
::my three::
::a 2013 first::
::upside down, right side up::
::packed a lunch::
::getting taller::
::i spy
::pretending spiderman::
::"f" to the "h" to the "e"::
::in bloom, smells so sweet::


Jami said...

Brynlees hair is getting so long, and Marlee is a doll face! Can't wait to come hang out this summer!!

Miranda said...

I miss you so know the rest. ;)

Jessica said...

Looks like springtime fun!

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