Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the conversation {heart} conversation

I picked up a bag of conversation hearts while I was out grocery shopping today. Tis the season, I suppose.

And then at 2:28 Brynlee came bouncing through the front door, dragging behind coat and backpack. Oh, and her friend Alyssa too. After school play dates are becoming the new usual at our house and I am learning to embrace it.
Anyway, within seconds our entry way was littered with neglected coats, snow boots and book bags. And the two giggly girls had made there way to the kitchen table where they ate, read, and became completely disgusted by the little bowl of conversation hearts.
While they conversed, I eavesdropped.
Behold, my favorites:
Oh my gosh, this one says “kiss me” that is so disgusting!
Yeah. And most people give these to people at school, not to their mom & dad. That means they want people at school to kiss them. That’s DISGUSTING!!
This one says “real love”.
Ewww….these are just wrong. They taste good, but they are just wrong!
And this one says “cutie pie”. What if a boy at school gave that to a girl at school.
{uncontrollable laughter by both parties}
“Lover Boy”? What. In. The. Heck. These are so weird.
And my absolute favorite:

I bet a teenager wrote these. 


Happy love month, my friends.

Ur gr8,


Erin said...

LoL I LOVE this! Their innocence just warms my heart! Just wait until "kiss me" doesn't sound so disgusting! haha What a great memory to have!

Megan Bailey said...

This is precious! Such a fun memory to have!

Jami said...

Brynlee and her friend look alike! What little sillies!!! and where the heck have you been, I dont think that I have talked to you for over 72 hours...that is highly unusuall ;)!

ashley. said...

oh my gosh. so so so funny. i LOVE it.

Jaelynn said...

Haha! I could hear Brynlee's cute little voice while reading this, and couldn't help but laugh. I love that little girl!

JHNickodemus said...

Hah! Too funny. I think they taste gross and love the idea of them!

mammabug said...

That's great, so good to know you have some time before those hearts read true for her. So funny!

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