Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snow Halo


The kids ran outside this afternoon to stick their heads in the snow.

They were playing inside all perfectly content {and warm, might I add} when a brilliant idea hit. That brilliant idea being to leave their current state of warmth and comfort and to run outside and stick their wee little head in the frozen snow.
And so they ran outside {barefoot}, stuck their heads in the snow, laughed and giggled and laughed and scream, then ran back inside to report.
I’m raising a bunch of hoodlums.


Jessica said...

Remember when Alan and Cody did snow angels and then jumped back in the hot tub at East Canyon. Cute picture!

Kerry said...

That is too cute!!
And what an absolutely beautiful picture of your three babies!!!
Love it!

Jaelynn said...

I love how much fun your kids have together. Dunking their heads in the snow?? Hilarious. So is that a Spencer or a Kim trait?? Either way, it cracks me up!

sarah louise said...

That picture reminds me that I haven't sent you your CD yet. Why have you not yelled at me about this? Crap, I am getting on that right now. You need to find a less flaky photographer! Oh and your kids are super cute, and super funny!!

Jami said...

I LOVE that picture! Did Marlee do it too?!?! haha

Kimberlee said...

Too funny, Jessica. When I saw what the kids were doing that was the first thought that came to my head - snow angels at East Canyon. If I remember right the snow angel in a dripping wet swimsuit wasn't the worst part. The worst part was getting back into the hot tub afterwards. Ahhhh, to be young and completely CRAZY again.

Jaelynn- A Spencer trait (duh!). :)

Sarah- And that picture reminds me that I have a photographer that needs to make a trip to the bank ASAP!!! No really, GO! Love ya.

Kate said...

What. The. Heck. Strange kids you have, strange indeed!

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