Thursday, February 14, 2013

Red & Pink & Ten

Why would you want to marry me for anyhow?
…so I can kiss you anytime I want.
Sweet Home Alabama

Ten years ago today, Spence proposed! It included loads of ring boxes all filled with different rings, red roses, Sweet Home Alabama and two completely smitten twenty somethings. It’s one of my favorite love stories really. I should write it down someday. One of my favorite parts of the whole thing is that when he asked mom & dad if he could marry me he swore them to secrecy. Don’t tell a soul,” he said “because I’m not certain she’ll say yes!”
I’m so glad he had courage to ask despite his uncertainty. And I am so glad I was smart enough to answer yes. He makes life so fun.
P.S. When I answered the what would you like for Valentine’s Day question a week or two ago he did the exaggerated eye roll and asked why I couldn’t just want something that he could pick up last minute at Walmart. Ha.
Happy Valentine’s (in process) to me:
P.S. again. The kids and I are working on getting things decorated for our annual Valentine’s Day dinner while we watch the clock waiting (not so) patiently for our last guest to arrive. He should be home by five. Oh, and I am wearing the prettiest little MOM pipe cleaner crown that Brynlee gifted me first thing this morning. And Spence took me and Marlee to Café Rio for lunch. That little chicka loves a good black bean.

Happy 14th you guys.


kylee said...

i want that full proposal story by the end of the month. for reals though, i want the deets!

Jami said...

Looks like more fun is happening around your house! Can't wait to see the finished room!

Megan Bailey said...

Precious! I hope you will share your story soon!

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