Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Starting anew - with a shout-out

Today’s the 7th. Of two thousand THIRTEEN! Brynlee went back to school today, and after three weeks of Holiday time off Spencer went back to work. Jace missed them both like crazy. Marlee’s second little tooth finally broke through, she's crawling - mainly army style - sitting up and a Lil' Miss bald baby. Jace successfully requested that I wear his Hulk mask while I loaded the dishwasher this afternoon and it is miserably freezing outside.  I finally organized the stack of ‘to go through’ papers that were sitting on the dining room table since November and we ate Pizza Hut for dinner. Christmas is all packed away ‘till another year and I have a cold sore the size of Texas {at least!} taking over my face. My laptop was gifted a shiny new keyboard {with a working CTRL key, so dang convienent} for Christmas and for whatever reason today seems a fine day to end my seven week unplanned blogging hiatus.

Mainly because today my little sister turns eleven and Mom called and clued me in that she was sorta, kinda hoping for a birthday blogging “shout-out”. So for you, birthday girl:

 A lil’ shout-out to you, Rieski-roo,
on this blog o’mine.
To tell you Happy Birthday
so mom won’t have to hear you whine.

When mom said you were to join the family
eleven years ago;
we were certain she was kidding
because she was no young doe.

As it turns out, it wasn’t a joke,
a baby sister - all swaddled in pink.
And since that day, you’ve been so loved -
the families unknown missing link.

We used to watch you dance and sing
And do tricks on the living room floor.
You would spin circles or do somersaults
And we would cheer and beg for more.

Now you are getting older,
but one thing remains the same.
Our family wouldn’t be complete without you.
In fact, we’d be quite lame.

You are the favorite aunt, the favorite grandkid,
the favorite sister-in-law.
And although they try to keep it a secret:
the favorite of ma’ and pa’!

I love you so much, my baby sister
you always make me proud.
And if there is one thing I know for certain
it’s that I am glad you joined our crowd!


Jami said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil sis! And Geez Kim, where the heck to you pull that stuff from?!?!? That may or may not have made me tear up!!! But you Kim, are pretty crazy taleneted when it comes to, well, just about everything...well everything except, BACK UP SINGING ;)!!!

Jami said...

Oh, and one more thing! Brooke asked what you were doing in that top picture. I told her that you guys were just being dorks. She said "well, Marlee isnt being a dork. She is being funny." It made me chuckle!

Paige said...

Well that was cute and sweet! Even made me tear up. :) And I get those horrible, face-consuming cold sores too. Blek!

Jessica said...

The picture of Brad is interesting!

sarah louise said...

So what you are saying is that if I bug you enough you will take over birthday shout-outs? How much bugging do I have to do to have you take over birthdays all together?

That poem was great. Happy Birthday Marie!

kylee said...

you're back!!! YES!

Kimberlee said...

And you Jami, are a pretty good liar. And the perfect fan. What would I do without your confident boosters.

And Jessica, I didn't think that picture of Brad was bad? He's smiling...what more can you ask for?

@Paige- Aren't cold sores the absolute worse. And they always show up at the most inopportune times.

@Sarah, Done and done.

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