Monday, January 14, 2013


It is so dang cold. On a Sunday evening car ride last night our van thermometer read -16 degrees. It is so bitter out there that the thought of sending the kids out to school and their other activities overwhelms me.

Luckily, school was cancelled on Friday. Brynlee cried! She had a “ride the bus to somebody else’s house” playdate planned and was devastated at the possibility of it too being cancelled. Well that, and she was supposed to get a grab in the treasure box for having earned a certain number of accelerated reader points. Plus, {get this} Friday’s the day they take spelling tests and now they weren’t going to be able to take the test! {I’m not kidding}. There was ‘it’s not fair’ and ‘this is the worst thing that ever happened to me’ comments. Ohhhh my … the dramatics.

All ended well, though. She and Jace kept themselves busy all morning long – some detailed game of make-believe that lasted hours on end. And then the scheduled afternoon playdate turned into a rest of the day, snow day, affair. By the end of the day she was crossing fingers that Monday would be another school closure. No cigar, though.

On Friday night the Severe Family came over for pizza + barnyard rummy. Spence and I tried to finish up the evening with a game of Mao – however, both of us were miserable Mao Masters. Come over Jake, we need more practice.

Saturday was the 12th. I opted not to take 12 on the 12th pictures though. I think I’m suffering a burnout. Although, I am hoping to brainstorm a similar 2013 project that gets me motivated again, but for now I’m just trying to find the drive to get the photo’s I took on November 12th + December 12th on the blog. Maybe tonight, we shall see.

Exciting news! Jace can write his name. You wouldn’t be able to recognize his “e” if you weren’t his mom or dad, but the “J” “a” and “c” are adorably perfect. For his “homework” we have been working a little every day in helping him recognize his letters and sounds. He is always so compliant and I can see our work paying off. I love that kid.

Speaking of Jace, the other day at Brynlee’s gymnastics one of the gymnasts landed a tumbling routine wrong - a bad sprang, I’m assuming. It broke Jace’s heart. Hours later he was still reminding me how sad it made him that a girl got hurt at gymnastics. That kid has the sweetest heart and is my constant personal reminder to be kinder to others. I’m always trying to be more like him. These kids of mine, they teach me so much.

Anyway, the kids have friends over and the girls are requesting manicures and pedicures, so until later my friends.


Megan Bailey said...

Oh gosh, your kids are just the cutest. Don't worry Brynlee, I'd like to stay home too :)

kylee said...

i've lost the 12 on the 12th motivation too. i don't know what it is, but it's just not happening anymore.

Jessica said...

I am sure if our school ever got cancelled Maddie would have the exact same issues!

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Checking in, your kids are so cute! Wow, it's been SO cold here too :)

Megan Bailey said...

There is a 10 on 10 project. You take 10 photos on the 10th and post them to your blog. (No grid making.) Is that too similar?

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