Thursday, January 31, 2013

12 on the 12th [12.12.12]

12..12.12 was a special day for our family. It’s a day that will be remembered and recalled forever after. It was an ending point and a starting point all in the same. It’s a day that deeply changed so many of us – especially my little sister and her husband. On 12.12.12 at 7:44 pm sweet baby Maycie Laine joned our family.  Because of the day’s sacredness, I’ve had some reservation about posting my December 12 on the 12th. Mainly because my little photo journal of the day seems so trivial and will not even began to tell the beautiful story that came to be on 12.12.12. But at the same time, Maycie’s story is one that needs told and remembered and posting my 12 on the 12th is a tiny way for me to help document that day. So in baby Maycie’s honor, my 12 on the 12 from December 12, 2012:

01.   The Countdown. The day started out just like the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that: counting down ‘till Christmas. 13 days to go…
02.  From Spencer. Well I’ll be … a 12 on the 12th blogging idea from the Mr.
03.  His Countdown. Building Santa’s beard one day + one cotton ball at a time.
04.  Big News at 11:41. I got the text as I was headed into town to grab a few groceries. Instead I headed to Kate and Jake’s house to help them pack + get more details + take their milk and bread so it wouldn’t go bad {and so my family would have a few groceries while I was away (win/win)}.
05.  Packing. At the time we were still being told that Kate would be life flighted to SLC, so we knew time was of the essence if we were to make it to the hospital in time to be with Katie. I’ve never packed so fast {and so randomly} in my life. Still, even with my quick packing, Mom and Dad beat Marlee and me to our decided meet up spot. Probably because I took time to stop and take a picture. Ha.
06.  The don’t forget list. Scribbled out for Mr. Mom.
07.  While driving. University of Utah bound.
08.  The belly. A self portrait of a pregnant Katie taken in the U of U hospital bathroom.
09.  Waiting Room. Katie ended up not having to be life flighted and we made it to Salt Lake City with time to spare. And so we waited. Waiting became the name of the game for dad, mom and I. And since we didn’t have cell phone service in the labor and delivery waiting room {which sidenote: what in the world did people do before cell phones. Seriously. The cell phone was a constant. We would hear any bit of information and would start the chain of calls to the rest of the family that were at home waiting and praying.} Anyway, we didn’t get cell phone service on the labor and delivery floor, so we would wait in the main lobby three floors down. By the end of our short stay I think I walked the route from Katie’s floor to the front lobby…I don’t know…at least 5 billion times.
10.   The proud parents. Maycie was born at 7:44pm and weighed 3 lbs 3 oz and was 16 inches long.
11.    Meeting Maycie. We got to briefly meet baby Maycie before she was transported to Primary Childrens. Maycie was absolutely, beyond words, beautiful. The body that housed her little spirit was weak and imperfect. But her spirit was unlike anything I have ever witnessed before. Even with everything going on around Maycie – the machines, the beeping, the lights, the testing - she seemed so peaceful and comforted. Again, her beauty was beyond words. Indescribable.
12.   Miracles. I took this photo while my mom and I walked around Primary Childrens in the late evening hours trying to find Jake something to eat. All the cafeterias had closed for the night, and we wandered for at least an hour in search of a sandwich. At this time we didn’t know Maycie’s fate, but this Christmas tree told what all of us were hoping and praying for. A Miracle. Looking back, a miracle is exactly what we got. Maycie short life was, and is, and will forever be, a miracle!

6am on 12.14.12, about 36 hours after her arrival little Maycie Laine returned home to Heavenly Fathers welcoming arms.


sarah louise said...

Thanks for the tears Kim! Maycie touched many people in her short life, including me. She makes me hold my babies longer and appreciate the time I have with them on this earth.

Jami said...

Miss You Maycie!! So sweet.

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