Monday, October 15, 2012

12 on the 12th [10.12.12]

1.       Drop off lane. It’s usually Spencer hanging out in the AM drop off lane at Brynlee’s elementary school, but since he had an early morning work date {5am, yuck} I was on drop off duty.  
A Note to Beth: I snapped this picture right when Chad walked by. He gave me the half wave with a quick what in the heck look. Ha! I’m sure I looked half crazed snapping early morning elementary school pictures from my car window. I was the tiniest bit embarrassed, but not embarrassed enough to pass on a second photo when my first one turned out fuzzy. Also, I hope you kicked Goldilocks booty. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
2.      Blog. Spent the morning creating a blog for our PTA. My hope is that it aids in keeping fellow elementary school parents informed while also gathering a larger volunteer pool for the PTA.
3.      Full. And then we ate lunch, ran errands and filled the gas tank.
4.     A tie. We raced the clock home from our afternoon errands hoping to beat the school bus to our neighborhood. The bus won, but luckily Brynlee decided to multitask and read her book while she walked which slowed her down a bit. We met up at the front door.
5.      Measuring up. All three of my babies had their scheduled well child check-ups + flu shots for the older two and immunizations for Marlee bug. Brynlee opted for the flu shot over the flu mist {which surprised me}. She took the shot like a champ, hardly even flinching. Brynlee was in the 38% for weight and 21% for height.
6.      Weighing in. Jace was in the 49% for weight and the 39% for height and said his favorite part of the appointment was when the doctor gagged him with the Popsicle stick. Your guess is as good as mine.
7.      My littlest little. At four months Marlee weighs 12 lbs (30%) and is 25 inches (78%). I’m curious if her current height is a fluke or if she will be taller than my other two. Also, that chick is so loved. Brynlee and Jace take such good care of her, especially after she has to get immunizations.
8.      Rewarded. Farrs ice-cream to celebrate doc appointment success.
9.      Four Months. Today makes four months. She rolls, she coos and squeaks and babbles, she hold toys and can make her rattle work, she loves the swing and evening snuggles and she laughs, and smiles effortlessly. We love her more than words can explain.
10.   Chopped, at last. I’ve had a dead tree decorating my front yard for quite some time now. Today Spence and the chain saw made firewood.
11.    Bengals. Brynlee, Marlee and I caught the ISU vs. Portland State Volleyball game. We won, go Bengals. I’m not sure if Bryn enjoyed watching the volleyball game, or the cheerleaders, or Benny the Bengal the most. She had such a great time and was completely thrilled to find that her {male} gymnastics coach is also an ISU cheerleader. Her comments, “I didn’t know boys could be cheerleaders. That’s cool.”
12.   At bedtime. And then it was toothbrushes & pajamas, scriptures & prayers, and stories in bed. A stack of newly picked out library books for the boys and Junie B. Jones for the girls.


Jami said...

I about chocked on my food laughing, when i read what Jace's favorite part of the appointment was! What a kid! I am sure they got your liscense plate number and will come search you down for taking pictures at the elementary school! HA! Funny story!

kylee said...

flu mist?! what theeee? never even heard of that!

Megan Bailey said...

I love that last photo! Props to Brynlee for getting the shot!

Debbie said...

This is really awesome. Looking back on a grid of activities is a great idea to get a quick re cap but yet with so much information.

Beth said...

Oh Kim, it IS shocking to see you in the morning, just like it was shocking to see you after school the other day. But Chad didn't even mention it...maybe because he was anxious to send his wife on a road trip alone, over 500 hundred miles of driving, then biking, then driving same miles again!!! But, we finished...didn't go as far as I wanted to...but we finished without the SAG help at all. And yesterday I took a short nap to revitalize me. You'll have to show me the link to the website, I'm sure it is wonderful.

Jessica said...

Jace is hilarious! And you need to come visit so we can see Marlee she is getting so big!

Kerry said...

It was nice to catch up on your life of late Kimberlee, your kiddos are growing!
Our school also has a blog and a facebook page for the reasons you mentioned. Do you have the same problem when it comes to recruiting new volunteers for the committee?
Good to see everyone is well and happy xo

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