Sunday, January 2, 2011

‘Tis the Season

Spence was excited about our gingerbread house.  Or something.
I spent the entire day in my pajamas yesterday. Again. It was sort of the unofficial theme of this Holiday season. I used the day to rid my house of dust bunnies and Christmas decorations. It took all day, too. Every year I vow not to put out as much Christmas decor, but then every year after Thanksgiving I get caught up in the festivities and decided to just hang one more strand of lights and place one more cute little snowman on the hutch and what's one more glass bowl of ornaments going to hurt. There glitter, it would be a shame not to put out the glitter ornaments. While I filled red and green totes with glittery bulbs, Christmas tree skirts and mistletoe the kids ate the {33 day old} Gingerbread Ornaments off the tree in the toy room. Then Spencer and Brynlee read the Christmas cards one last time and the Gingerbread House found a nice little spot in the big green trash can in the garage. I can't believe Christmas has already came and gone. Another season, another year, finished.

Tomorrow it's time to return to real live. A life that requires me to wear pants that button {heaven, help me!} and a life that requires Spencer to go to work. Gah. Life has been so crazy and busy, that his two weeks went faster than . . . well, I'm not sure what it went faster than, but it suffices to say that it went dang fast.

Spencer mentioned last night that we needed to make our New Year's Resolutions. And we will soon enough. I just need time to think. I hate to jump head first into such commitments. I've got to make a few rough draft lists, weigh all possibilities and consequences, eat the last of the sausage dip and Almond Roca, try to squeeze myself into a pair of pants that don't have an elastic waist and then I'll think about setting a few goals.

We spent New Year's with Spencer's old roommate, Joe, and his wife and kids. We played cards, ate junk food, drank {Mormon} bubbly and kissed when the clock struck midnight. Spence and I kissed. Not Joe and I. Just in case you needed clarification. It was so fun to have them over. Joe is hilarious, a hoot, completely and totally out of control! Anyways, he hasn't changed a bit. I'm glad he hasn't, too. The world needs more Joe's. And if there were more Joe's, there would also need to be more of his cute wife, Melissa, in order to keep all the Joe's grounded. I wish they lived closer. And I wish I would have at least taken one picture while we were together for New Years.

A few other thinks I've yet to blog about:
  • Jace got his cast off.  Did I ever tell you that? Well if not, now I have. The cast is off. I repeat the cast is off. Good for him.  Awesome for me.  I no longer have to wrap his robot arm in a washcloth, topped with a plastic bag held in place with half a roll of duct tape and then sit uncomfortably by the side of the tub holding his arm out of the water for the entirety of his bath time.  It was really starting to cramp my "hey kids get in the bathtub so mama can have a little free time" game plan.
  • Spencer told the story of the first Christmas for FHE using the Little People Nativity as props. My favorite line: The star was kind of like the wise men's Miss Garmin. {Miss Garmin is the nickname given to our GPS.}
  • Brynlee bore her testimony in church today. Oh. My. Heck! My heart. Seriously child, what do you want? Name it; it's yours. That little girl. . . I love her more than my luggage.
  • We got Christmas caroled by a group of families in our ward/neighborhood a week or so before Christmas. Brynlee thought Christmas caroling was just about the neatest thing ever {after her unicorn pillowpet, of course}. She begged for us to go carol the neighbors. Me, Spence, Brynlee & Jace caroling the neighbors would have been quite a sight. And quite a sound! I told her that next year we would get a couple families together to go Christmas caroling as a group, but this year we took turns ringing our own door bell and Christmas caroling each other. Brynlee and I standing on the door step, freezing, singing Christmas carols to Spencer and Jace might be one of my favorite memories of this Christmas season.
  • I got a food processor for Christmas. I heart it!
  • Christmas is so magical. Especially with a four year old and a two year old. I hope I never forget the way their little faces lit up on Christmas morning. I don't think I will.
I hope your Christmas season was just as magical, and I'm willing to bet that it was. Best wishes on returning to real life tomorrow. Let's start 2011 off with a bang.

Us on Christmas Eve.  Poor Brynlee was sick.


Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

We named our GPS Genna because she is a genuis:)Spencer is so funny. I love your caroling story BTW so cute.

Happy New Year

Jami said...

Oh Little Brynlee bore her testimony! How special :)!!!(Did you write it down in "shorthand")??
I am excited for the new year and all the crazy fun times we will spend together! Lets make it a monthly...weekly....DAILY ;)thing okay:...I put all those smiles in so you would go a little batty!

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