Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guest Post: The potty trainee.

Hey guys. Jace here.

Don't know if mom mentioned anything to you or not, but she's got me learning to use the big potty. She says that all the cool kids are doing it. Whatever. It's actually not that bad. Mom made me this sweet little dino potty chart and every time I go potty on the big potty we jump up and down, and celebrate and stuff and then I get to put a sticker on my chart. And then when the charts full of stickers I get to pick out a new prize at the store. So that parts pretty cool, I guess. Dinosaurs or candy is my price of choice.

But she asks me like a hundred thousand times a day if I have to use the bathroom. And I'm all 'gosh mom, enough already' she really needs to chill. She sent me to bed last night in my big boy underwear. She says that we are completely done with diapers. FOREVER! She's so bossy. Although she was pretty proud yesterday when we went grocery shopping for like twelve hours, then went visiting teaching for like twelve hours {those ladies can talk} and I didn't even have an accident. She let me have two stickers for the accomplishment! I've figured out how to work the system, haven't I?

Oh and you wanna know what? This potty training business is ex.hau.sting! Life was so much simpler when I got to wear diapers. All the change has me completely worn out.

Until next time,
Jace Buddy 


Jami said...

Dear Jace-

You are doing SO good! I am proud of you! Tell your mom I LOVE the censored pictures, they cracked me up! I get a little sleepy to when I am on the pot :), so don't feel bad! Love you buddy! You are getting to be such a big boy!

Love, Aunt Jami

The Staley Family said...

We have that same potty chair, but haven't had the same success! Love the sleeping on the potty, HA HA! I laugh and had to show Justin. Too cute. That is awesome. Congrats to you ALL!

mammabug said...

What is your mom doing to you? The only thing I've had fall asleep on the pot are my legs. Best of luck man.

Landon Porter

Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Jace buddy don't let your mom use those pictures against you when you get older. ex "you better get me a load of wood from out side for the fire or all show your girlfriend 'those' pictures."(censored of course):D Love it.

Kimberlee said...

Anna- I'm planning on putting together an entire scrapbook titled "pictures to use for blackmail" :)

Kali Jo said...

so... how long do you make him sit on the potty that he falls a sleep? TWICE?!!
Ha ha luv it!

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