Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The tale of two kites and a January wind storm.

Brynlee's been dreaming of spring as of late.
A weekend rainstorm washed away all of our remaining winter snow.
And now with grass in sight, spring seems to be mocking her.
Taunting her with all the fun spring activities that must wait by the sidelines for winters end.

On Monday we woke up to a wind storm.
Momma, Brynlee asked over breakfast, can we fly kites today?
Oh, that sounds fun, I answered.
But what I meant was, um. probably not but thanks for the suggestion.

It is January after all.
It's freezing.
And the wind storm outside wasn't a fly a kite kind of wind.
But rather a say a prayer that your roof doesn't get blown off your house kind of wind.

We ran errands most the day.
And we got home just in time for me to whip up something to feed the clan for dinner.
Brynlee shouted from the other room, "Mom, can I be in charge of the activity for Family o'evening.
Sure, I agreed. Because no family can ever create too many four-year-old instructed paper crafts.
Paper crafts? Not one bit what she had in mind.
Instead we postponed dinner, gathered winter coats and kites and headed to the snowless sledding hill.
It was freezing.
It was windy.
It was so much fun.

Everyone should fly kites,
at dark,
in January,
in the middle of a blow your roof off your house kind of windstorm.

Brynlee flew her kite unassisted.
Even when the wind got wild.
And Jace ran around like a wild banshee trying to catch his Toy Story kite.
Giggling all the while.

Then Jace lost his glove.
And since you can't fly kites, in January, with only one glove.
And you can't find a missing glove, in January, in the evening winter darkness.
We wrestled with the wind to retrieve our flying kites, and called it a night.

And a fun one at that.
I think I'll let Bryn be in charge of the activity next week too.


Mikey, Anna, Lillie and Sam said...

I just have to say AWESOME. That sound like such a fun and exciting time. Defiantly one of those "remember when..." times. Byrnlee is too cute!!!

Katie said...

Kim, seriously, you're like the funnest mom ever.

Jen said...

What awesome parents you are!

TJ and Jessica said...

You are such an amazing mommy!! Your babies are so lucky!! That is the cutest thing ever. It was out of control windy, it kept me up most of the night

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