Thursday, August 27, 2009

a (second) confession

I apologize for all the heavy breathing in the video I posted yesterday. I had just ran a big fat marathon! Or jumped on the tramp with Brynlee; same dang thing. I remember when I was young and full of all sorts of vigor and vitality and could jump for hours. I’d pretend I was an Olympic gymnast and do an array of average and rather unimpressive tricks. Now it takes every last ounce of my exhausted energy to try not to pee my pants. This whole motherhood thing is absolutely beautiful. Indeed.


Lacy said...

that's so funny
jumping is HARD work.
and peeing the pants, isn't it weird how the urge can just sneak up on ya! jumping jacks can some times be so difficult! kids in deed :)
and that's WITH some heavy duty clegalling (if that's even a word)

sarah louise said...

Just wait until after a couple more kids and just walking up stairs or down the block makes you pee :)

mammabug said...

I totally was thinking the same thing last night jumping with Landon. He really likes me to hold him tight and then sit on my butt, well add his 30 extra lbs and it gets harder to get back up. I don't have the pee myself problem though. Think I'll skip that.

Hollie Rae. said...

Hi Kim,
The table is 12 inches deep, 32 inches tall and 30 inches wide.

Hollie Rae. said...

Hey Kim,
The table is still available. Call my cell at 208-890-0710 and we can set up a time for you to come and look at it.


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