Wednesday, August 12, 2009

File this under Yada, Yada, Yada!

Twenty-four things we've done in the last month{ish} that I've yet to blog about:
one. Discovered nearby hiking trails.

two. Enjoyed two plays as a family: The Jungle Book Kids & Seussical.
three. Jumped in a Bouncy House at "Family Fun Days".

four. Had a huge summer hail storm. Made a paper sailboat to float down the roadside river.

five. Watched Brynlee and Spencer play with a centipede. (((shudder)))

six. Helped in the construction of a painted rock family.

seven. Adored this little guy.

eight. Fed the missionaries.
nine. Celebrated (on the 3rd of July) the 4th of July with my parents and their town in a small-town-tacular celebration. It rained. But don't think that stopped us from eating masses of FREE cotton candy and snow cones.
ten. Thanks to a broken car, spent the 4th of July swimming in random Utah town's swimming pool while waiting for my dad and his truckslashtrailer to come to our rescue.
eleven. Spent a few days at my parent's house. My little brother, Alan, fixed our car. Spencer drove tracker. I lounged in my pj's, enjoyed the country views and took pictures of random things in my mom's yard.

twelve. Ripped out the dining room carpet in my mom's 100 year old house to discover beautifully finished hardwood floors!
thirteen. Visited with the Gardner & Francis families over Dutch oven dinner. Jace got excited over an abandoned Capri Sun.

fourteen. Made a sandbox in our backyard.

fifteen. Took a friend to the Pioneer Day Parade in our town.

sixteen. The three year old decided that she simply adored parades. Spent the next week playing pretend parade and the next Saturday at the neighboring towns Pioneer Day Parade.
seventeen. Attended one day of the B.'s family reunion.
eighteen. Went to Brynn's {our oh-so-cute! niece} baptism.
nineteen. Ate neglected chocolate pudding.

twenty. Went to Bear Lake with the Wahlen family. {more to come}
twenty-one. Attended Spence's big brother, Matt's, wedding.
Matt and his girls
twenty-two. Matt most definitely married a gem. She's beautiful, composed, energetic, and she makes Matt smile. Plus, she has a firecracker little girl named Charlotte. And there's more. she hula-hoops! Seriously! She even won a hula-hoop competition in Hawaii. I kid not! That's some serious talent. And after a little coaxing she even showed off her hoopin' skillz at the reception.

twenty-three. Held, cuddled and admired my newest nephew Zayne. Who's absolutely adorable, by the way. twenty-four. Felt a bit disappointed when I realized that the summer is quickly nearing its end.


K said...

Loved #12---and is that an old sod roof on the outbuilding on your parents' property? Awesome!

Your photography skills are really good, Kim! Love the Hula Hoop sequence and the river boat ones.

tracifree said...

Thanks for outing me on the internet KIM! So glad you guys could make it to the wedding. xoxox (e-mail me your photos!)

Lacy said...

wait. The hula hooper isn't the bride...their hair is a different color. I'm confused. Who is the hula hooper?

The Jones Family said...

how could you not have taken a picture of that adorable cholate face!!!I'm still wishing we had a sandbox..

Kimberlee said...

K- I knew that you would appreciate #12. I think you would quite enjoy my parents house. It's around 100 years old (a few years older, but I would have to ask my mom to be sure) and my parents are only the third owners. Every wall in their house is brick covered with lathe and plaster! They sure don't make house like they used to.

Traci- :) We wouldn't have missed it! I will email you pictures.

Lacy- The hula-hooper is the bride, Traci. The picture above her hula-hoopin' is Matt and his daughters. The older three are from a previous marriage, and the little one, Charolotte, is Traci's little girl.

Ains- It cost us like $20.00 total to build the sandbox. That's way cheap for the hours of entertainment it offers.

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