Tuesday, August 4, 2009

excuses, excuses, excuses

I just glanced back at a few of my last posts and something quite profound occurred to me! Borderline philosophical, even.
Sorry about that.
And I also realized that aside from all the sudden burst of complaining, ye old blog has been neglected.
Undeservedly. (She says as she shakes her head in dismay.)
I apologize, dear blog. I'll make it up to you. Just not today.
Because I suffer from a mild case of procrastination. And I'm an excuse giver {dot, dot dot} and a list maker.
So instead, I will post a bulleted list of excuses explaining all the bloggy neglect.
So just for you on this lovely Tuesday:
  • Yesterday my little sister was due with her new baby boy. She's still pregnant. Poor girl. And to try my darndest to comfort her, I've spent a good portion of the last two weeks calling haphazardly throughout the day to see if she's experienced any labor pains. Nope, I don't think it's been annoying at all.

  • I love summer weather. And lately the weather has been heavenly. So I've spent a lot of time outside. With my family. And not with my computer.
  • (Feeding the ducks at sunset behind our house)
  • We've been busy watching children heavily overdosed by snow cones and cotton candy chase around a Crisco-ed pig.
  • Not really. Okay, really. But only once.
    (Prepping the poor piggies)
  • We need a new car. It's no secret that we need a new car. We know that we need a new car. We spent three days straight trying to find a new car. We've yet to buy a new car.
  • It's quite time consuming to dig through this to find a mixing bowl.
  • And even more inconvenient to wash said mixing bowl here.
  • And we've been busy eating chocolate cake. Loads. Of. Chocolate. Cake!
  • Don't judge us! We like cake.
Tomorrow is Wednesday. An entirely new day. Maybe then I will update with all our happenings. Or maybe I won't. I haven't decided yet.


mammabug said...

At least you have some excuses. when I think about posting anything I think about draws a blank and I just give up trying to make it at all interesting. Our life is crazy and in kind of a suck mode right now. But we did buy a van. That's right I said it a van. I'm trying to keep it a secret though.

Lacy said...

You're dining room is SOOOO pretty and elegant.

That is a huge piece of cake :)

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