Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Wishlist

Should I take this as a hint?
For those of you that can’t tell this is the Harbor Freight Ad with random items clipped out of it. The clippings are then set in a semi-organized pile on my kitchen counter

The only thing missing is a charming little note that reads:

Hi Kim,
I would really love it if you would pick these up for me for Christmas!
Yours truly,

I only wish he would have included a Harbor Freight map with little stars where his wish list items were kept! It would sure make my trip to the discount “man store” with my two little darling kids a lot more enjoyable (or at least bearable)!


Janita said...

At least you won't have to worry if he'll like what you pick out for him :)

Lacy said...

What a good idea! Maybe I should take some hints from spencer. About leaving the ads ... not about what I want for Christmas. However I did buy sand paper today, that's manly right?

Karalynn said...

You should be grateful it's a Harbor Freight wish list and not a Cabela's wish list. That stuff is expensive!

Beth said...

I agree about the map, it is so hard to find anything in that store. My email is mustanggal@cableone.net. Thanks for the pictures.

Jeremy said...

Take the clipped out items to Harbor Freight with you, hand them to an associate and tell them you will be back in x amount of time to pay for them. Let them do all of the searching up and down the aisles. Besides, there's a weird smell in Harbor Freight that I am sure isn't healthy for Jace's developing lungs. I would seriously do it if I was you.

Spencer and Kimberlee said...

Touché Jenni!

Lacy said...

lol, that heading picture is hilarious!

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