Monday, December 29, 2008

Bloggy Milestone!

Last week my sister and her family came down for a visit. It was a semi-forced visit since they were actually on the way to the in-laws, but got snowed in (or snowed out?) and couldn’t make it that far. She informed me that I was almost to my 100th post and asked if I was going to do something special for it. Although, for memories sake, I still want to post a few things about Christmas I will put that on hold for a "special" 100th post.

If there is one thing that I have learned in bloggin’ it’s that on your 100th post you post 100 things about yourself. And in an effort to be hip (Okay, I just said "hip," which, by default, contradicts its intended connotation) I am going to do what everyone else does.

So here goes:
  1. I was born in the booming metropolis of Stone, Idaho.
  2. I think there were 6 kids in my Kindergarten class.
  3. I still have the t-shirt that I got on my first day of Kindergarten.
  4. My family moved to Filer when I was in 4th grade.
  5. My neighbor, Erin, instantly became my best friend.
  6. Most of my middle school memories are with Erin.
  7. We used to help Darnell (dad’s hired help) milk the cows.
  8. Not sure why we thought that was fun, but I think it’s ‘cause he gave us candy.
  9. One summer we got addicted to MC Kids.
  10. Spence found a copy of MC Kids on eBay and bought it for me one year for a birthday gift.
  11. The night I went into labor with Brynlee I had stayed up until 1:00am playing that game.
  12. My water broke at about 2:30am.
  13. I graduated from Filer High School.
  14. About 2 months after graduation I moved here to go to beauty school.
  15. Although I have my beauty degree I only worked in a salon for about 3 months.
  16. I wanted to get my bachelors degree so I went back to school and quit doing hair.
  17. I still think that I will do hair again at some point in my life.
  18. I would like to have a small salon in my house.
  19. I really enjoy coloring and styling hair, but cutting hair isn’t my favorite.
  20. I grew up with a lot of sisters. I know how a bad haircut make a girl feel.
  21. For that reason cutting hair makes me nervous.
  22. My dad is my hero.
  23. When I was a little girl I couldn’t wait to grow-up to be a daddy just like him.
  24. I’m named after my dad, Nolan Kim.
  25. I don’t have a middle name.
  26. I used to hate the name Kimberlee and insisted that people call me Kim.
  27. Now I really like the name Kimberlee.
  28. My dad’s nickname for me while growing up was screwball.
  29. I hate to admit it, but it fits me well.
  30. My senior year of high school a buddy and me thought it would be a good idea to dump instant mashed potatoes on the High School lawn in hopes that the sprinklers would make them grow.
  31. It didn’t work.
  32. We did get busted by the cops though.
  33. They let us off with a warning.
  34. Had the cops known that he and I had also put mashed potatoes in a washing machine at the laundry mat they might not have been so lenient.
  35. The instant potatoes in the washing machine worked!
  36. When my sisters and I were little we would steal my mom’s Jell-O packets.
  37. If you lick your finger and then dip it in the Jell-O packet your finger works just like a dippin’ stick!
  38. We also stole all of my mom’s garden seeds one year and used them to make mud pies. (Sorry about that mom!)
  39. I use reusable bags for all my grocery shopping.
  40. My favorite is my bags from Ikea.
  41. I am married to my best friend.
  42. He is hilarious.
  43. He makes me laugh until I lose all forms of control.
  44. Seriously, milk out of the nose kind of laughin’.
  45. When Spence and I were dating I wrote 365 reasons why I loved him and gave it to him for New Years.
  46. There was one for ever day of the year.
  47. It’s fun to go back and read them.
  48. Spencer and I meet when we were both working at Perkins.
  49. I was a waitress and he was my manager.
  50. We both quit about one month before we got married.
  51. Spencer quit because he was standing up for me.
  52. The leaving Perkins story deserves a post all to itself.
  53. When I was in college I lived with 10 roommates.
  54. We all got along surprisingly well.
  55. Spencer and I bought our first little house about two months before we got married.
  56. We dated for 2 years and were engaged for 6 months before tying the knot.
  57. My kids are my life.
  58. I would do anything for them.
  59. One summer, when I was in college, I went to Cody Wyoming to work at a dude ranch.
  60. It turned out to just be a little weekend get-a-way.
  61. I came home three days later.
  62. That summer I ended up living in Twin Falls with my little sister, Jami.
  63. It was way more fun than working at the dude ranch.
  64. When we went to the fireworks that summer we were the last ones to leave the CSI campus.
  65. Jami thought she knew a short-cut.
  66. She didn’t!
  67. I am truly grateful for my religious beliefs.
  68. I served as Young Women’s President for my church when I was only 23 years old.
  69. It was my favorite calling that I have had so far.
  70. I worked at Jamba Juice during high school.
  71. My first car was a little red low riding Chevy Luv.
  72. The heater (and defrost) didn’t work when the truck was turned on.
  73. However, sometimes it would turn on when the truck was not running.
  74. I would get in the truck after school and it would be about 280 degrees in there.
  75. The only B’s that I got in college was the semester that Spencer and I got married.
  76. I didn’t really apply myself that semester.
  77. That was the semester that I took US History from a German professor.
  78. It made for an interesting twist on the world wars and the Holocaust stories.
  79. I took a class in college on the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler.
  80. It was one of my favorite classes.
  81. I could tell you what I did on any given day for the last ten years of my life.
  82. It’s all written down in my collection of day-planner.
  83. I make a daily list of what I need to get done every day.
  84. Obviously I am extremely spontaneous.
  85. I love categorizing and organizing things.
  86. I’m a people person.
  87. I believe that there is good in everybody.
  88. I love talking with and getting to know different people.
  89. Just not on the phone.
  90. Aside from my family and my best friends (whom I talk with way to much) I don’t really like to talk on the phone.
  91. Something about it makes me nervous.
  92. However, I usually talk to my mom and my sisters at least once a day.
  93. Sometimes two or three times a day.
  94. You would think that we would run out of things to say.
  95. We don’t!
  96. I have A.D.D. when it comes to watching T.V.
  97. I can watch an entire episode of something on T.V. and when it’s over I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I was watching or what it’s about.
  98. Yet, I have watched every episode of Friends.
  99. Twice.
  100. I just wrote 100 things about myself!
Well, there you have it.

I promise when I get to 200 I won’t post 200 things about myself.

Or maybe I will. Who knows.

But, here’s to making it to 200 to find out.


Miranda said...

I love it. I must say I am a little disappointed that my name wasn't specifically mentioned in this blog. Ah well, can't be the focus of everything I guess. :)

The Jones Family said...

I wish you still worked at Jamba Juice, or maybe I just wish we still had one :) I" world love it if you had a salon in your house. My fav colormy hair has been was when you did it at your school in college. I loved the blog. I swear you skipped some numbers. I can think of some more interesting facts:0 ains

mammabug said...

Oh what good times we had when we were cool. You didn't mention the cool stretch pants we wore. I think Richard Simmons would wear them now.

Jessica said...

What the heck I never new about the mashed potatoes business!

Our Bingham Family Blog said...

I think that was the night that Brandon Lost his shoes???? Is that right, I remember I was bowling :)...
Anyways, I am so proud of my big sister making it to her 100th post. You are my hero. I cannot believe that you have made this great feat! You deserve a sticker or a cookie :)!!!
How the heck do you even tell how many posts you have, I think I am on like 22 ;)!!!

Stacey Crandall said...

Kim, That was a lot of fun to read... as always. I love to read your blog. Thanks for the help with the link thing. I was not highlighting what I wanted to link... therefore.... nothing would show up! Thanks again...Stacey

Tammy said...

Wow, you've been up to a lot since those Filer days. Jessica, of course you knew about it...I could have swore you and Kim also did something naughty with the washers at the laundry mat.

Lacy said...

That was fun. It was a mini summery of your life. I think I too will post 100 things on my 100th post. Mind if I copy? and I am so glad my silly dream was only that...a silly dream. Oh, I made my cute little stocking holder! aren't I talented?!? hahaha but seriously, I was pretty proud of myself.

_ said...

WHOA! you are awesome. maybe i'll try the 360 things i love about my husband gift. especially since he only got a nose hair trimmer for christmas.
Congrats on 100 blogs. that was fun!
Kali Jo

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