Monday, March 24, 2008

A Not So Happy, Happy Birthday

It was Brynlee's 2nd birthday on Saturday! We had planned a fun day filled with Easter Egg Hunts, the movies, presents, ice cream and a weekend trip down to my sister Jessica's where all the family was going to be. Brynlee was so excited to get to see her cousins. However, when she woke up on Saturday she was way sick and was in no mood for partying.

We had been promising her that she could go to an Easter Egg Hunt and she was excited (even though I am not sure she really knew what it was). So although she was sick we stopped by the park for a quick hunt. We got there at 10:45, 15 minutes early. We waited until 11:00 for the hunt and at 11:04 it was over and Brynlee walked away empty handed. It was like the day after Thanksgiving sales on steroids. Parents where yelling and shoving for their child to get as many eggs as fast as they could. Come on people...these are 1-3 year olds and we aren't fighting for 100 dollar bills or a year supply of diapers...these are hard boiled eggs that are probably going to end up in the garbage anyways. I officially ruled out the community hunts for next year. I think I will spend my $1.25 and buy my own eggs for her to find.

After the unsuccessful Easter egg hunt we headed to the doctors office. It turns out she had Croup! Needless to say we cancelled our plans and spent the rest of the weekend trying to comfort a sick birthday girl.


sarah louise said...

I just realized today that I forgot Brynlee's birthday. I have had a crazy couple of weeks, and keep forgeting things.


Sorry she was sick!

Kacy and Jordan Gehring said...

Happy Birthday Brynlee. You don't remember me, but I DO. Hee Hee. Best Wishes Cutie!

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