Monday, March 31, 2008

Gavin's Baptism

Our cute little nephew, Gavin, got baptized on Saturday so we got to spend the day visiting with them. Brynlee had a blast with her cousins and especially loved that she got to play outside most the day. She also enjoyed seeing her cousin Brynn. Brynlee thinks that they have a special bond (I think because their names are so similar) and shows it by following Brynn's every move. Not sure how Brynn (who is six) feels about her little two-year-old shadow, but Brynlee sure loves her.


sarah louise said...

Rest assured that Brynn talks about Brynlee all the time and loves playing with her. She thinks it is the neatest thing that their names are so similar. I found a bunch of pictures of those two together and I need to send them to you.

That is a cute picture of her on our tramp.

Our Bingham Family Blog said...

Oh...what a cute little dress....Brooke wants to know if Brynlee wants to come see the baby calves????

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