Tuesday, April 8, 2014

tidbits of love

Our February scripture study theme was on charity: the pure love of Christ. Every evening we studied a different scripture with the focus being love and charity. And then we would take turns picking somebody that we loved and everybody in the family would say one thing that they loved about that person. It was such a fun thing to hear not only who the kids picked, but also to hear why they loved them. I want to do it again because February just doesn't have enough days in it to say something about everybody we love, but this is our February 2014 start:

Jace: He keeps me safe.
Brynlee: He gives me hugs.
Mom: He loves to spend time with his family and makes sure we know that we are the most important thing to him.

Jace: That he love us and made the whole earth for us.
Brynlee: He died for us.
Mom: He loves endlessly and entirely.
Dad: That he’s our big brother.

Jace: Marlee helps me find stuff and plays with me.
Brynlee: That after school she gives me hugs.
Mom: That she’s independent, feisty, spicy and silly.
Dad: That she mimics everything the big kids do.

Brynlee: That he is very kind and funny.
Mom: That he always takes care of his sisters. He’s always a very good example to me on how to treat others.
Dad: He is good at sharing and playing the Wii.

Jace: She helps me do lots of stuff and she likes to snuggle me and gives me kisses and hugs at the morning time and nighttime.
Brynlee: She drives me to school and she’s superlicious.
Dad: I love all the good stuff mommy does for our family.

President Monson
Jace: He’s a good guy.
Brynlee: He believes in Jesus.
Mom: He always tells the best stories and teaches us through his life's experiences.
Dad: That he’s not always serious and that he tells jokes.

Jace: She’s super nice. She’s a very nice person to take care of everyone.
Mom: She’s very responsible and a good example for Marlee and Jace. I always know she will choose the right.
Dad: She is an awesome reader.

The Whole Wide World
Jace: All the planets are super cool.
Brynlee: That there are good people and that it was made by Jesus.
Mom: How beautiful it is.
Dad: That there are so many different things: forests, deserts, clouds, mountains.

Primary Teachers
Jace: That I get to learn about Jesus and they give me love.
Brynlee: They help us learn about good stuff.
Mom: That they love and care for my kids.
Dad: That they are nice.

Jace: That she comes to our house and watches us so we don’t have to go shopping.
Brynlee: That she is fun to be with.
Mom: That she’s endured hard things but keeps her head held high and has become stronger because of it.
Dad: That she takes good care of our kids.

Our Ward Family
Jace: They sing songs with us.
Brynlee: They are all super kind.
Mom: That they care about our family and our wellbeing.
Dad: Everyone helps each other.

Grandma Branch
Jace: She comes to our house.
Brynlee: She always gives us presents.
Mom: I love her dedication as a mother. She was a great mom when I was a little, and still is now.
Dad: She’s very kind and considerate.

Grandpa Branch
Jace: He takes us for rides so he is super nice.
Brynlee: He rides on the 4 wheeler with us.
Mom: He taught me through example.
Dad: He’s a hard worker and takes good care of his family.

Jace: That he is so nice.
Brynlee: That he is funny and cares for us.
Mom: He makes the kids feel special by playing with them.
Dad: That he’s from Arco.

Aunt Marie
Jace: She’s super nice and plays with us.
Brynlee: That she’s funny.
Mom: That she writes the sweetest, most thoughtful cards that I love and cherish.
Dad: That she’s very thoughtful and considerate and gives everyone homemade gifts at Christmas.

Jace: That he always shares toys.
Brynlee: That he’s funny.
Mom: That he has a quirky little personality that always makes me laugh.
Dad: That he’s a good mechanic at age 4.

Jace: That she is nice to Zayne and me.
Brynlee: That she wants to be my friend.
Mom: That she is free spirited and I love her independence.
Dad: That she’s a daredevil on a bike.

School Teachers
Jace: That they teach us about stuff and they are super, super nice.
Brynlee: That they are helpful and very kind to kids.
Mom: They give their time and dedication to helping my children learn.
Dad: I love that they love kids.

Grandma Showell
Jace: That she gives us birthday cards on our birthday.
Brynlee: That she always remembers to send us a birthday card.
Mom: All of the memories that I have from when I was a kid. She was the best grandma ever.
Dad: That she includes everybody in her birthday card list: kids, grandkids, great grandkids, in-laws … that’s impressive!

The Francis Family
Jace: I love Alec, he helps me play superheroes and stuff.
Brynlee: That they are kind to me.
Mom: They always go out of their way to make our little family feel special and important.
Dad: That I have someone that I can talk to about childhood memories.

Grandma & Grandpa M
Jace: That they love us and will forever.
Brynlee: That they care for us.
Mom: That they raised 12 kids and lived to tell about it.
Dad: They are hands down the best parents I have ever had.

Jace: I love when Kyle comes over to our house to play.
Brynlee: That he’s funny.
Mom: That he is such a good friend to Jace.
Dad: That he jumps up and down while he plays Nintendo.

Mary & Everett
Jace: That they say hi to me.
Brynlee: They are generous to us.
Mom: That Mary gives me flower starts out of her own flower garden every spring and fall.
Dad: That Everett knows how to fix everything and is willing to share his knowledge.

Our cousins
Jace: That they play with us.
Brynlee: That they play with us.
Mom: That everyone gets along with each other.
Dad: That they come over to our house for Holidays.

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
John 15:12


sarah louise said...

Thank you for that! When we were in California Gavin asked why we always go to California for vacation. I told him there is lots to do there. He asked why we don't go to Idaho for vacation. I told him it was because Idaho is boring. He said, "No it isn't, it has uncle Spencer. He is the best entertainment in Idaho!" I agree. We love all of you!

Jami said...

Holy COw, I NEVER saw this post! This was really special and so sweet! I will have to show the kids! I am glad I was stalking your blog and found it!!!

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