Friday, April 4, 2014

Hi. I'm rambling.

My mom used to say that I talked a mile a minute. And she’s right, I did. I mean, I do! It’s a really bad habit. But sometimes it comes in handy. Like when I have a whole lot to say and not a lot of time to say it in.

Like right now, for instance.

If I were talking instead of typing you would only be able to catch about every third word, at best. So for dramatic effect I suggest you read this really, really fast and feel free to skip words - or complete sentences even - whenever you see fit.




It’s the forth of April, and we’re sick at my house. Jace was up puking all night. Poor kid. I had it the night before that, and Marlee the night before me. I suppose it will hit Brynlee or Spencer tonight. My money is on Brynlee though. Bleh.

Spence has been overwhelmingly busy at work. Which means that he works a normal day, comes home at 5:30ish to help with soccer practices and all the other evening activities, eats dinner with the family and helps tuck the kids into bed, then he heads back into work until all hours of the night. Which means that I toss and turn and check the clock every 72 seconds wondering when he’s going to get home. I can’t sleep when he’s not around.

But on the bright side – kudos to the stomach bug - every piece of bedding in my house is freshly laundered and smells of bounce!

And I cleaned the carpet in the family room today. Out of stomach bug necessity, of course, but nonetheless, it’s clean.

Oh, and speaking of the family room, Spence bought me new couches for Valentine’s Day: brown, leather, rocking, recliners, sort of a sectional, sort of not. Theater seating, I guess. At least that’s what the people in the furniture store referred to it as. I love them. Although they aren’t exactly what I had envisioned they fit perfectly in the space that we needed to fill {nothing else would} and I feel so legit when I recline in front of the Man TV to watch Parenthood after the kids are in bed. Do you watch Parenthood? You should.

Oh, and speaking of Valentine’s Day. Spence and I took a mini Valentine’s Day get-a-way. Just for a night, but I was super excited for a get-a-way still the same. Kate so kindly stayed with the kids since Jake was in Ohio. And then Marlee got sick. And I spent the night away worried about Marlee and feeling terrible about the babysitting arrangements that we left poor pregnant Katie in.

{I’m sorry Kate, I still feel bad. But apparently not that bad since I did it to you a second time today. My goodness. I guess you have two “babysit my sick kid’s” cards to be redeemed whenever you see fit.}

We had our traditional family Valentine’s Day dinner too. We had so much food left over so I packed some up and Spence and the kids delivered it to Mary and Everett {our sweet backyard neighbors}. A day or two later Mary delivered a beautiful handwritten card thanking me for the gesture. It made my day. It was such a kind thing for her to do for such a small act on my part. I vowed to do the same and write more thank you notes for the little things that I appreciate.

The kids took a couple sessions of swimming lessons in February too. Brynlee only has one more session until she is done with swimming lessons entirely, and Jace did awesome this go around too. Both of them love to swim which makes their non-swimming mother happy. I asked Spencer what was going to happen when the kids were all better swimmers than me. He joked about adult sized arm floaties. And then I realized at that point I would no longer have to pretend to like swimming (oh how I hate it) and I could just lounge on the side of the pool in sunglasses and one of those huge wide brimmed, floppy, sun hats. But until then I will carry on and pretend that swimming is so my kids won’t have the same fear of water that I do. Someday though I’m investing in one of those big ole’ floppy hats.

I’ve really been bad at pulling my camera out and taking pictures lately. Bummer. And with it being Brynlee’s birthday and baptism it was such a dumb time for me to not be taking pictures.

And I just spelled not, like naught. And then I stared at it for a bit trying to remember how to spell the word not.

And now I can’t think when you would properly use naught in a sentence.

Which means its bedtime.

Good night. 


Jessica said...

I am sorry that you guys got the stomach bug! Hopefully you got it from someone other than us! Exciting the Brynn is almost done swimming!!!

Jaelynn said...

Oh the stomach bug. Awful. I hope everyone is feeling better!

Kimberlee said...

Brynlee got it yesterday. Threw up at school, even. Poor girl. Hopefully we are done with it now though.

Megan Bailey said...

Your sister is preggo! Congratulations. I hope this experience will go much smoother. You'll have to keep me updated! Loved reading what you guys have been up to.

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