Saturday, January 11, 2014

One, Two {skip a few} ninety-nine, ONE HUNDRED!

{one.} We are already eleven whole days into 2014! That makes my head spin. Time goes so fast.

{two.} Unless we are talking about how looooooooong it is taking for January 28th to get here. Because that is taken eleventy million years!

{three.} January 28th is a big day around these parts – Spence gets his neck brace off!

{four.} (Also noteworthy, January 28th is my Grandma Marilyn’s birthday. Very important dates ya’ll should remember.)

{five.} Anyway, neck surgery. Did I tell you Spence had neck surgery?!

{six.} No? Well, he did. An anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.

{seven.} Here’s why, since I know you were about to ask. He had an old injury – a herniated disc - that he reinjured about 18 months ago. The dumb thing was doing a sweet job of making his arms and hands constantly tingle and go numb. Plus, he was losing mobility in his left hand.

{eight.} So he had surgery on December 16th.

{nine.} And after he got over the nausea… {side note: puking + a fresh incision across your neck + a neck brace sort of mixes like water + oil}, anyway, since then things haven’t been too bad. The first week or so was absolutely miserable though {for all parties involved}.  It didn’t help that I got strep throat during that time. Because of that whole raining, pouring thing, I suppose. But now we are three and half weeks in and it is more of a nuisance than anything.

{ten.} He still can’t take off the neck brace. Ever! Even has to wear one in the shower. It’s annoying. Or at least that’s my assumption.

{eleven.} And he can’t pick up anything that weighs more than a gallon of milk. Things like firewood, and rambunctious little blonde haired, blue-eyed one-year-olds, and snow shovels. Or help carry laundry baskets or unload groceries. And he especially can’t drag 9 ft artificial Christmas trees down into the under house storage. Or take down Christmas lights.

{twelve.} But I’m not complaining. In case you were confused.

{thirteen.} But he {and this awesome neck brace} went back to work a week ago Friday. So that’s good news.

{fourteen.} Unless you consider the fact that he can’t drive. Cause that is a tiny bit, majorly, extremely inconvenient for his caretaker/wife/taxi driver. My lands!

{fifteen.} But again, just as a reminder, this is not me complaining. Just want to make that clear.

{sixteen.} Because really, I could be the poor sap in the neck brace that can’t drive or pick up anything heavier than 8 pounds.

{seventeen.} But, in happier news … Kate’s pregnant!

{eighteen.} It’s a boy, due May 13th. Yea!

{nineteen.} And also exciting, Kate and Jake are almost done with their six months stint in Ohio! We’ve missed them.

{twenty.} Actually Kate came home from Thanksgiving to New Years. Which was nice, and very helpful.

{twenty-one.} Let see, what else.

{twenty-two.} Marlee is addicted to my phone’s camera.

{twenty-three.} The Young Women “snowflake” attacked our house before Christmas. The kids thought that was fun.

{twenty-four.} I think Brynlee managed to perform her entire school Christmas program without smiling once. Talent.

{twenty-five.} The kids got new rollerblades for Christmas and we spent Christmas evening at the church borrowing the gym floor. Good times.

{twenty-six.} And Brynlee has been saving money for a doll.

{twenty-seven.} A doll? It’s weird only because in all seven years and ten months of her life leading up to this point she has never showed an ounce of interest in dolls. It’s just never been her thing.

{twenty-eight.} But both her cousins, Brookie and Livvie, got Our Generation Dolls for Christmas and she decided that she would love to have one too.

{twenty-nine.} I told her if she saved enough money for half the doll I would pay for the other half.

{thirty.} I figured making her earn her own money for the purchase would be the telltale sign if she really, really wants a doll, or if it was just a fad because, you know, everybody else has one.

{thirty-one.} She started off really strong, earning four dollars in just a few days.

{thirty-two.} But the other day she was looking through the Scholastic Book order and started questioning the need for a doll. There were just “so many good books that she might like more than a doll”. Because “dolls aren't really that fun anyways”.  

{thirty-three.} It made me smile, because it didn't surprise me in the least.

{thirty-four.} But yesterday she came home from school requesting more “doll-money” chores. So I guess we will see how it all pans out.

{thirty-five.} She’s been a fool for the rainbow loom as of late. Making bracelets and rings and pencil toppers and animal charms and all manner of rubber band goods.

{thirty-six.} She brought home a weekend to-do rubber band request list that she has promised to friends. Long live the rainbow loom.

{thirty-seven.} I am Jace’s primary teacher again this year at church.

{thirty-eight.} He was pretty excited when he heard the news. Which was just the pick me up I needed, because when I asked Brynlee if she wished I was were teacher again this year (I was her primary teacher all last year) she smiled and said “kinda, but kinda not”. Ha.

{thirty-nine.} I taught Jace’s little class on Sunday and I couldn’t believe how much smarter and more mature they had gotten since I taught them in Sunbeams in 2012.

{forty.} One year is a heck of a long time in childhood years.

{forty-one.} Jace has been in seventh heaven with daddy being home from work for three weeks straight.

{forty-two.} It helped that I saw fit to remove the kid’s Wii time restrictions during that time. Mainly because a Wii remote doesn’t weigh more than 8 pounds and Spence and his BFF, the neck brace, weren’t capable of doing much else.

{forty-three.} Jace and Spence spent many of Christmas break hours defeating Super Mario  Brothers Wii. Jace thought he had died and gone to a heaven where the streets were paved with gold coins and one-ups.

{forty-four.} He enjoyed it so much that I was a little nervous that he would have withdrawals when school started again and Wii was removed from our list of daily things to accomplish. So far though, he’s been a super trooper.

{forty-five.} Jace and I were playing superheroes the other day and I went to grab Iron Man from him and in process scratched his face with my thumb nail. Poor kid. I got him good.

{forty-six.} At school yesterday his teacher asked what happened to his face and Jace told her honestly, “Mom did that!” I felt so bad.

{forty-seven.} Marlee still rules this roost. Boy Howdy.

{forty-eight.} She got a cozy coupe for Christmas and its provided hours and hours of entertainment for the little clown.

{forty-nine.} The amount of love she has for that little car actually makes me feel a tiny bit guilty that Brynlee & Jace were never gifted one when they were her age. I didn't want the excess clutter of a giant children’s car in my house. Parent fail, I suppose.  

{fifty.} But the good news is with age (or maybe with kids) I am becoming less and less bothered by things like that. It’s almost like I don’t even know who I am anymore.

{fifty-one.} Although, you better believe, come springtime I will be itching to make that car an outside only toy. 

{fifty-two.} Um, completely unrelated, Jace just came and asked me if we could make a basement in our house. I told him to go ahead and get started.

{fifty-three.} Let’s see, what else … our little family went seven weeks without eating out!

{fifty-four.} One Family Home Evening we decided that we were going to save money to help buy Christmas gifts for children that would otherwise not have a Christmas.

{fifty-five.} We started a collection jar the first part of November and the kids donated all their chore chart money from then until Christmas.

{fifty-six.} And, without anybody even making the suggestion, Brynlee threw in her tooth fairy money too.

{fifty-seven.} In fact, both the kids emptied their piggy banks of leftover birthday money and quarters they were saving for quarter machines and any other money that was saved in their piggy banks to add to “the giving jar.”

{fifty-eight.} And, as a family, we didn't eat out for seven weeks and put the money that we would have otherwise used on eating out in “the giving jar”.

{fifty-nine.} It was such a fun thing to do.

{sixty.} And that Saturday that we found ourselves in the ShopKo toy aisles buying gifts for children that were in need is not a day that I will forget anytime soon.

{sixty-one.} And I don’t think the kids will either.

{sixty-two.} It was definitely a start to a tradition that will be the center of many Christmas’s to come.

{sixty-three.} Both Brynlee and Jace asked if we could start sooner next year so we could save more money and buy more gifts. You betcha.

{sixty-four.} Kate took the kids to McDonalds, for their first time in seven weeks, while Spence and I were hanging out at the surgery center. She texted and said they ate every.single.bit of everything she had purchased. Ha. After a seven week void fast food tastes like manna from heaven.

{sixty-five.} Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year? I made one. Only one! And it has nothing to do with losing weight, or working out, or eating right. And nothing to do with going to bed earlier or doing better at daily personal scripture study. I ignored all my usual resolutions and am focusing all my resolution energy on one resolve. It’s a super fun resolve too. One that I am so excited about putting into action.

{sixty-six.} Speaking of New Years and resolutions, do you pick a word for the year?

{sixty-seven.} I never have before. In fact, I had absolutely no intention of doing so this year either. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind.

{sixty-eight.} But then I was sitting next to Judge Smith at church on Sunday. He is such a kind and spirited man. Anyway, when the closing song started playing Judge Smith started whistling the tune, without control or reserve, in true Judge Smith manner.

{sixty-nine.} Carry on, carry on, carry on.

{seventy.} And then it hit me. I would chose a word for 2014, and that would be it. Carry on.

{seventy-one.} I’m not entirely sure what 2014 will bring our family. Maybe change. Maybe more of the same. Maybe it will be speckled with trials or a smooth sailing sort of a year? Maybe it will be one for the books. Or maybe one, come December 31st, I want to wrap up and store away in a locked chest to not have to worry about any more. But whatever it brings I intend to do that: carry on, carry on, carry on.

{seventy-two.} Alan & Jaelynn and Jami & Zeb brought their kiddos and hung out on New Year’s Eve.

{seventy-three.} We actually took a break from our card game at the right time this year to celebrate the New Year.

{seventy-four.} Usually we are the dorks that look at the clock at 12:15 and realize that we managed to start the New Year running fifteen minutes behind. Typical.

{seventy-five.} Everybody, except for Marlee, toasted the New Year with sparkling cider. Even Chloe made it to midnight.

{seventy-six.} And then after we drank our sparkling cider and were getting ready to send the kids to bed, Brookie asked when we were going to start “the party”. Ha. Now that I think about it, the clock striking midnight is a little anticlimactic, isn't it?

{seventy-seven.} And then later in the week the Francis family came and hung out.

{seventy-eight.} We had to cancel our traditional sledding day this year {due to some dude in a neck brace} {lame}. But they came and spent the day with us anyhow.

{seventy-nine.} It’s always so fun to spend time with them.

{eighty.} And every time we hang out I add a new board game onto my wish list. Sarah has a knack for finding all the cool board games.

{eighty-one.} In December, before the neck surgery, Brynlee and Spencer went roller skating for their Daddy and me day. Brynlee had a ball.

{eighty-two.} And now that it’s January it’s Jace and my turn for a night out. We haven’t decided what we are doing yet. But I am pretty sure ice-cream will be involved. That’s always Jace’s first {and usually only} request.

{eighty-three.} Let’s see…eighty-three? Sheesh. Now that I think about it one hundred things is a lot! Why the heck did I have to be so ambitious when I titled this post? It’s like setting myself up for failure.

{eighty-four.} Speaking of failure … I planned on posting more often in December. I originally planned on posting a December Postcard daily all month long.

{eighty-five.} Then I only got around to posting three in the first week so I decided that I would keep that up and post a few a week.

{eighty-six.} I posted a grand total of three all month long! Three, oops.

{eighty-seven.} It is getting harder and harder for me to find the motivation to blog.

{eighty-eight.} I don’t want to quit this little family journal I've created, but at the same time I need something new and fresh to encourage and stimulate me to document. Ideas?

{eighty-nine.} You know, there are actually a few things I never told you from late 2013 and wished I’d written down. Now sounds like a convenient time to do so.

{ninety.} Like how Marlee and Brynlee both won first place at the zoo boo costume contest this year.

{ninety-one.} Brynlee can finally cross that off her bucket list. Phew. She's been waiting three years to bring home that title.

{ninety-two.} Brynlee also got second place, and Marlee third place, at a local department store costume contest. They won $50.00 collectively. The three kiddos divided the money and used it to purchase Christmas gifts for each other. Win, win.

{ninety-three.} Jace was pukey sick on Halloween. Did I already tell you that? Anyway, if you ask me, that totally falls under the Things that are NOT One Bit Fair in Life category. He didn’t even eat one piece of candy. Major childhood holiday fail.

{ninety-four.} So, what else ... fall soccer season. We had so much fun this go around.

{ninety-five.} Spence and I didn’t coach, and Brynlee and Jace played at the exact.same.time. On opposite sides of the park. Every single Saturday. But it worked out, we made do, and we had a great time.

{ninety-six.} There is nothing more fulfilling as a parent than watching your children succeed at something. And for those few months this fall, soccer was that something. They both did such a great job. And more importantly, had so much fun.

{ninety-seven.} And here’s a few pictures since I never posted any.


{ninety-nine.} And, I made it. 100 things.

{one hundred.} The End!


Jami said...

Sheesh....I haven't been able to comment on your blog for a long time and know it is finally letting me! Anyways, that was a fun post to read! SO what is your New Years Resolution?!?!?! Have S-e-X more?!?!?! ;)! Just curious, cause you never did say!! HAHA!!! It will be fun to see all that happens in 2014! That looks and sounds so strange!

Kimberlee said...

JAMILYN BINGHAM!!! You perv. Remember how I learned the hard way that some of the nieces read my blog. :)

Jessica said...

Yeah Jami--you little knot-head!!! Fun post Kim I think your new blog theme should be 100 hundred things a week!

Jaelynn said...

I have joked for a while that Jami has rubbed off on me, but seriously, she has rubbed off on me, because that was totally what I was going to say! (Or maybe just think. I too remember the whole niece reading the blog thing.)

Love the blog post Kim! I don't think I could do 100 things, so props to you! Also, can we get those little girlies together to ride their cars? Chlo has been asking about Jace and Eeeaah. She still hasn't mastered Marlee yet. We'll get there.

Kimberlee said...

Ha, Jaelynn. Jami IS rubbing off on you. Welcome to the family. :)

And COME OVER. I was just going through December pictures and realized that I don't have a single one of the girls in their matching coupes. Not even a picture of them at the "drive-in" movie.

Actually, wanna come for dinner? Bring Alan. He can take down my Christmas lights as a payment for dinner. :)

Jami said...

HA! And here I was thinking that nobody responded to my awesome comment, BUT come to find out, I just didn't click the email followup thing ;)! WELL...the nieces need to know about that stuff sooner or later....hehe!! THis will just be a good conversation starter ;)!

Jami said...

oh yeah, ATTA GIRL, JAELYNN! Did you know that you are my FAVORITE Branch sis-in-law ;)!

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