Monday, January 13, 2014

Must be for his "gee whiz" collection.

Today Spencer hollered to me in the other room,
"Did you know that forty 'leven has a real definition?"
"What," I hollered back.
"You know forty 'leven ... like 'made from the feathers of forty 'leven geese' ... forty 'leven is a real word!"
Then a little bit latter he hollered again.
"Kim. what's a tick. Like in reference to a bed?"
"Bedbugs??" I questioned.
"...Oh, never mind. I guess it's a mattress pad."
Okay. Sure. Whatever.
An then, before I knew it, he and the kids were jamming to a little John Denver.
Apparently, he was doing some John Denver research.
Just because. I suppose.

It was nine feet high and six feet wide
Soft as a downy chick
It was made from the feathers of forty 'leven geese
Took a whole bolt of cloth for the tick

Seriously, I love him.
Him, meaning Spencer!
Not necessarily John Denver.

Happy Monday.

1 comment:

Jami said...

Is he still on some neck drugs?!?! ;) Sounds a little loopy to me..hehe!

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