Monday, June 10, 2013


No 6.6|1
||snowcones for sale||

No 6.6|2
||a lick for me, two licks for you||

No 6.7|1
||lunching in the park||

No 6.7|2
|| rock n’ bowl||

No 6.8|1
||my boy in bounce house||

No 6.8|2

No 6.9|1
||sleepover in process||

No 6.10|1
||the cheap theater on a monday, with friends||

No 6.10|2
||sneaky, peeky spying||


Jami said...

So did Brynlee have any buyers for the snocones? That is an adorable picture of Brooke and Brynn! Thanks for taking care of her for a few days! I miss the little nut!

Kimberlee said...

Jami- They sold three. One to me, one to Jace, and one to Kyle - the neighbor boy - who borrowed a quarter from me to buy a snow cone. :)

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