Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Monday

The kids and I woke up and made a paint supply trip to The Depot first thing. And since then I have been working like mad to get my portion of the entertainment center painted. The kiddos make their way indoors every now and again and bark at me to hurry the crap up. And then they look at the almost completely white entertainment center that I have been slaving over and concede that they can’t tell a bit of a difference in where I have painted and where I haven’t. Brats! Seriously, like I’m in here sitting on my behind, blogging, or something.

But really, they’re just anxious to get on the road. Its summertime and we’re hanging with cousins again this week. It will be the third cousin hurrah since school got out. There was Memorial Day weekend, and then Jami and the kiddos spent a few days at our pad last week, and now we're headed to “The Farm”. The kids have orchestrated huge plans {Brookie called last night with a “what to pack list” – a cup, a flashlight, and an umbrella were included}.

Last week while the kids were running amuck around Brooklyn’s Playground I told Jami that I was ‘letting go’ this summer. I motioned toward Brynlee - dressed in a long sleeve cream rhinestone shirt, pink leggings and a brown ruffle skirt - she’s dressing herself this summer, I explained. Whatever’s in the closet is free game and I’ve promised myself to let her be the boss of her own wardrobe. Whatever goes, goes. And I will not be offering my unwanted opinion. My argument: I volunteered in her first grade classroom at least once a week this last school year and wanna know what? They all look like a bunch of hobos. Every single one of them. And really, why should Brynlee be denied that privilege.

Jace counted every page in the hymnal yesterday during Sacrament Meeting – 341. My favorite is the twenties: henty-one, henty-two, henty-three. And then when he got over two hundred he’d say: two and henty-one, two and henty-two, two and henty-three. So cute.

Marlee got a brand new bruise across her forehead. Took a nose dive off the step stool straight into the cabinet, bless her little monkey baby heart.

I never got my pumpkin seeds started indoors this spring. So, on a whim, I sprinkled a cup of seeds that had been sitting in the garage since last fall’s pumpkin carving all over an empty flower bed, added water and ignored. Didn’t even cover the things in dirt. Turns out they grew just fine that way. There’s got to be over 60 little pumpkin plants growing out there. When I get home later this week I will have to pull all but two or three out, but holy cow!

Jerry came over and put some chicken poo on our lawn over the weekend - its sorta nice having a True Green hook-up. It’s all about who you know, people. Anyway Jace was certain Grandpa had brought some of his cows over to live at our house. Smells just like Grandpa, Jace told me. Don’t worry dad, I corrected him and told him it “smelt like money!”

Anyway, the paints dry. Time for the final coat. And then I’m hitting the road. I’ll be listening to country music and dreaming about life. It’s what I do when I travel without Spencer.

Also, I realize that I just announced to the internet that we are planning on leaving town for a few days. A word of advice, don’t try to rob my house: I’ve adopted a few dogs from Oneida County . They will be watching over the place while we're gone.

And also, Spence will be home.

Finishing the entertainment center, I hope.


Jessica said...

Funny! Jace counting is so cute!

JHNickodemus said...

I had that happen with some snow pea seeds! It just baffles me after putting so much TLC into my tomatoes and such!

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