Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And then we did laundry.

Sometimes the kids and I load up the car and vacation at our cousin’s house for a few days.

And sometimes when the kids are entertaining themselves, Jami, mom and I lose ourselves in a subpar Netflix movie and pretend that we have nothing in the world that needs doing.

And sometimes when watching a movie we get junk food craving so we charge Marie with making us chocolate chip cookies.

And then sometimes the house gets quiet and the movie gets entertaining and we eat chocolate chip cookies and share glasses of milk.

And then sometimes the kids {who are busy being kids} get stellar ideas.

And sometimes those stellar ideas involve a garden house and an unplanted flower bed.

And then when we pause said movie to check on why the house is so quiet we see this out the window:

And sometimes when we see kids causing mayhem it’s easier {and more enjoyable} to just close the curtains, pretend we didn’t notice and return to our show. And eat more cookies.

And then, sometimes, when the movie is over we peek out the window and realize the mud bath is still in process, so we close back up the curtains, turn off the lights and take a cat nap.

And then – eventually – we hear children at the back door announcing that they accidently got a tiny bit dirty. {uhhhh, ya think!} So we spray them down with a garden hose, strip them naked on the patio, and toss all four of them in the tub.

Because sometimes making memories gets messy.

And sometimes a chick flick and a nap are oh so worth the mess!


Megan Bailey said...

Love this!

Kate said...

Jealous! I want to take a mud bath with them!!

Jami said...

Good Times!

KERRY said...

Hehehehe too funny!!

Debbie said...

hahahaha - Oh those photos are priceless. So, did the mud come out??

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