Sunday, July 15, 2012

12 on the 12th [07.12.12]

On July 12th Marlee turned one month old. I cannot believe how fast time is going. There is no way it has already been a whole month.

Also on the 12th, Spencer and I celebrated our anniversary. Except for, we didn’t!! Because we didn’t have a babysitter so we had to celebrate on the 13th instead. {I just didn’t want you to think that we celebrated our ninth anniversary with Easy Bake Oven cookies and a movie with Kali and her kids [sans Spencer]}.

In hindsight I should have at least taken a picture of us on our actual anniversary. But oh well, I will do it next year. You will still be around won't ya Spencer?

01.   Nine Years Old. July 12, 2003 I became [The Mrs.] and I haven’t stopped bossing him around since. He’s so lucky to have me.  
02.   In the big bed. Why is it that babies wake every hour all.theflippin.night.long but as soon as morning comes they can sleep for hours. And why is it that the minute you lay them in the crib they wake, but laying them on your bed doesn’t have the same effect.
03.  Bob Book. Spencer made a deal with the kids. Prizes are involved. As is reading {for the six year old} and going to sleep alone {for the three year old}. Prizes motivate my children.
04.  I spy. A little girl decorating her face with her mama’s make-up.
05.  Proud Brother.  Someday I am going to count how many times Jace kisses Marlee in a 24 hour period. It’s some ridiculous amount close to a billion million trillion, I kid you not. 72% of the kisses take place while I’m trying to nurse her. Which, isn’t awkward at all! {P.S. to Megan: I just realized that she is wearing the cute little outfit you sent her. Its adorable. Thanks again for being a rockstar.}
06.  Lunch. Grilled chicken sandwich with sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and yellow peppers {in case you were wondering}. And a handful of cherries. {Wanna know something weird? I hate tomatoes. Always have! But when I was pregnant with Marlee I started craving them. Random right? I wanted them on everything! I ate them constantly and couldn’t get enough of them. The pregnancy is over, but it left behind a tomato lover. Pregnancy is so dang weird.}
07.  A few of the movie crew. We spent the afternoon at the air-conditioned theater with friends: Kali Jo and her kids and Mandy’s little girl, Zayley. I love hanging out with Kali Jo. She’s the tiniest bit Mary Poppins-ish. I mean not like spoon full of sugar and well begun is half-done sorta thing. Okay, I take that back, she is absolutely nothing like Mary Poppins. But she stole her bag! When we dine out she pulls a pocket knife out of it to cut the kids straws in half, and at the theater she pulled out plastic bins so we could easily share the popcorn among the kids. She’s just practically perfect like that!
08. Sign. My side of town is decorated with much deserved firefighter shout-outs.  Most of them are made with neon poster board and black sharpie markers. It adds a splash of color in a world of black ruins.
09.  Baker. We came home from the movie and made sugar cookie dough so Brynlee and Jace could make cookies in the Easy Bake Oven. Brynlee rolled the dough, cut the cookies, baked them, then frosted and sprinkled them. Jace ate them. And they were both as happy as could be with their easy baking responsibilities.
10.   Polish. Painted 30 toes: mine, Brynlee’s and per Bryn’s request, Baby Marlee’s. Nothing is cuter than little tiny newborn toes painted a shade of plumberry playdate. That's not really the name of the polish, I just made that up. But there should be a polish named that. Or at  very least some lip smakers chapstick.
11.    The girls. While I made dinner Brynlee babysat. Both Brynlee and Jace have been so much help with Marlee. Jace is even brave enough to throw her dirty diapers in the garbage {Brynlee WILL NOT touch them!}
12.  Big Bang. When we were evacuated Jake lent us Season 1 of The Big Bang Theory for something to do at the hotel. We never got to it while evacuated, but started it a few days ago. I laugh occasionally while watching the show. But Spencer – he never stops laughing! I think he understands all the jokes better than I do. I spell it capital N-E-R-D.


Jaelynn said...

Jace is the best big brother ever! Too cute!

I need to see that baby again.. I haven't snuggled her enough!

Jami said...

So one of these years I am gonna get back doing 12th on the 12th,
but until then I will just comment on yours and Jaelynns...anyways..I love the picture of Brynlee baking Michael Jordon style (tougne out) I guess there really is some coordination thing to that! and cute little Marlee sure is loved by her family! She looks so tiny in that big huge bed!

Beth said...

We are closet Big Bang fans too...sad to say, I get a lot of the jokes.
I miss seeing you. I don't think I'll be here much this summer, but we'll have to get together sometime. (Probably like...September.)

Kimberlee said...

Beth! Where are you?! Are you still at your sisters? I have been searching for you at church on Sundays with no success. I am missing you terribly and I need that recipe for the salad that you brought over. It was so.dang.good!

mammabug said...

We have all 4 seasons. Jason loves that show. I think most of it is pretty funny.

Such a cute little girl. And after reading your other blog, I'm terrified to go through labor without drugs, but it hurt with an epidural anyway. Not sure what to do this time.

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