Tuesday, June 14, 2011

12 on the 12th [The June Chapter]

01.Windshield View. Driving home from my Sunday morning Young Women’s Meeting.  On the agenda: Girl’s Camp.  I can’t believe it’s already that time again.
02. Feet.  I wore heels to church - a very rare occurrence.  I tend to favor flats because they’re cuter, because they’re more comfortable, because I hate to be taller than my husband!
03. Lunch.  Made cheese snacks for a before church snack.  Jace’s suggestion.  Spence added leftover meatloaf to his.  Cheese, salsa & sour cream for me.  And just plain cheese for the kids.
04. Bridge.  Raced home from church to go on a Sunday hike.  Our summer goal is to hike a new Greenway trail every Sunday.  This one led to an old bridge.
05. Stairs to nowhere.  There is nothing cooler than random stairs that climb a mountain side.
06. Butterfly.  While Jace and Spencer spent an hour throwing sticks in the water, Brynlee and I ran off to discover.  There were tons of forts that I suppose served as protection during a paintball war, wildflowers, birds and this beauty of a butterfly.  I love where I live. 
07. My boys.  I told Jace to flex his muscles – this is what I got.  That little guy makes me smile.
08. Me.  In case you’re wondering, taking a picture of your shadow while you jump in the air isn’t easy.  It may take more than one attempt.  Which may cause your five-year-old to laugh at your expense.
09. Art.  Coloring a birthday sign for Grandma’s {Spence’s moms} birthday book. 
10. Gardener.  Planting the pit from her peach in hopes of a peach tree in my flower garden.
11. Batman.  Wall decor that Spence and I have been creating for Jace’s bedroom.
12. Clothes.  Packing for a get-a-way with my mom, sisters and their kiddos.  Oh happy day.

12 on the 12th inspired by her.


Kerry said...

Hi Kimberlee! I love this idea, your pics are so cute, what a wonderful way to capture random things during a day. Think I might have to jump onboard next month :)

Natalie said...

Oh love love it! You always have such great pics...looks like your kids have a great mom that keeps them busy!

JHRME said...

Like the 12 on 12th idea! Cool! Great pictures!

The Dayleys said...

Another month and another wonderful day :) Yea for little ones being interested in nature and gardening :)Thanks for sharing your day!! Love it!

kylee said...

oh the joys of girls camp. not even kidding you, a few nights ago when i was playing night games with some friends [yes we're 21 and older and we play games like we're still 13] we broke out the girls camp songs. it was awesome. loooove your sunday hike idea. if only my parents had an earlier church time. get-a-way with the girls and kiddos!? how fun! where you off to?

Megan said...

Looks like you had a great day. Love the jumping shadow picture!

The Jones Family said...

its so fun how you blog. i wish i waas as creative annd as up to date. i just had two seconds of having to hold brock again so head sleep a little longer which equals "lets catch up on my roomie and her gang" love the ride you give

Lacy said...

I love your 12 on the 12th. That Is a beautiful butterfly. That is so cool that you have random stairs going up the mountain side where you live. It IS really pretty there. Maybe next time I vist (probably next spring :) we can go hiking. oh! thankyou for calling back to check on me. That was so sweet of you. Each day has been a little worse. The pins of healing. I'll make sure I post a picture if I get a rainbow on my face instead of just all this swelling.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

looks like a FUN summer, I love the 12 on the 12th idea :)

Claire said...

ooohhhh, a getaway. sounds fun! love that your little one "flexed" his muscles. and how fun is this 12 on the 12th? what a great idea.


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