Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(seven o'clock) on the 9th

{two hours after 7:16}
{at our house}
weekly tv night with Kate

Do you watch American Idol?
Are you as glad as I am that we've made it to Hollywood week?

All that audition junk makes me a little nauseous.
But not nauseous enough to not watch. 
And I'm still angry about Ellen D. as a judge.
But again, not angry enough to not watch.

Do you sometimes break out in a little "pants on the ground"?
I do.
One million percent yes, i do.  Dawg.

What do you think?
Love it?  Hate it? Never seen it?
Do share.

1 comment:

TJ and Jessica said...

haha!! I don't even watch American Idol, but I've seen the video on You Tube. I love it!! It seriously cracks me up everytime. "Lookin like a foo wit yo pants on the ground!" :)

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