Friday, February 5, 2010

(seven o'clock) on the 5th

{at Costco}
buying bulk size chicken wings for our Super Bowl Party
and y'all know how we celebrate the Super Bowl

*photo credit goes to Brynlee
In case your wondering, I don't typically hold a photo shoot in the grocery store.
But she really wanted to.
Plus, it was 7:00.
And she argued that the halogen lighting was just pur-fect.
And who am I to limit her artistic vision.
She also took these pictures.
And about 821 others. 


Mikey, Anna, and Lillie said...

I feel better about leaving Lillie in her jammies now when I go out. I noticed Jace's comfy outfit for your costco trip. =)

Miranda said...

I really really love these 7:00 posts. Like, really really love them. I would be doing it with you too but 7:00 is when Z goes to bed so every night it would just be a picture of me and Nate practically dead on the floor after the whirlwind has been contained.

Kimberlee said...

Anna- Bedtimes at eight. We were hoping that they would both fall asleep on the drive home from Costco. And they did! Although Brynlee's a little more fashion conscious and would never allow me to take her to the grocery store in her jammies (plus most the time she sleeps in her you know, a little awkward!). But I still have complete control over Jace. :) I say do it why you can.

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