Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You’re right, Jami, we do like you!

Have you seen the movie Notting Hill?

{If you haven't, go now and watch it. Really, go! Or at least be forewarned that this post won't make much sense to you (or will at very least seem odd) without a little Notting Hill knowledge.}

When I was in high school our house on Union Street had a studio apartment equipped with a small kitchen and bathroom. This was my room. There was a small bedroom in the basement that was originally Alan's room. Sometime during Jami's high school years she decided that she wanted the basement bedroom. Alan agreed. And she and Alan switched.

To get access to the basement bedroom you had to use my room as a hallway.

Jami was a morning person. She would wake early in the mornings so she would have enough time to primp and prettify for school. She was always chipper. Energetic. Even in those early morning hours.

I was a night owl. I stayed up late, long after everyone else had gone to bed. Then when morning came, I was ex.haust.ed! Mornings were hard for me. I hated mornings. And rightfully so. Mornings are just so dang early in the morning.

Well, until Jami and I saw Notting Hill. Then mornings were at least tolerable.

Post Notting Hill, Jami would run up the basement stairs all energized, refreshed and ilovemorninglike. Wearing a t-shirt and her underwear. She would burst through the basement door into my bedroom where a full length mirror hung on the bathroom door. She would stand side-view in the mirror, lift one arm in the air, and flex her butt cheeks saying, "I think they like me!"

I would groggily roll over, laugh at her absurdity and then roll out of bed. Heaven knows I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep after that!!

Happy Birthday Jami!

Thanks for always making us laugh. Even if most the time your humor is, well….crude. Love ya!


Our Bingham Family Blog said...

HaHA....this post made me cry :)!!! For Reals it did!!! I really miss those days....but dont worry....I still do that every morning for Zeb:)!!! Haha...not really!!!...Only ever other day!!!

Miranda said...

I totally remember this story about Jaime. I freakin' love Notting Hill. Come to think of copy went missing at the house of 10. Curses! Happy Birthday Jaime!

Nick and Karalynn said...

I have to disagree - she isn't crude sometimes. She's crude all the time!

Lacy said...

muy fun post. Jamie is such a funny girl. speaking of this union street house, it's for sale. Jordan and I visited it today and peeped in all of the windows. The kitchen in the studio apartment is no more :( just a corner sink now. The kitchen has been remodeled and is beautiful.

Kali Jo said...

ha ha ha, I remember going home with you and Jaime was still downstirs. The very next morning she did just that!!! And yes, she is right. I like you too!

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