Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Ultimate Design Star

At my house. We are right in the middle of a big ole' heap of kitchen hoopla {whatever that means}. We've spent days and days trying to make decisions as to what we want and what we don't want in our recently ruined kitchen. Do we tile the floor or do we put down hardwood? If we do hardwood, what wood species? What color of stain? And does that stain match with the cabinet stain? Can you mix a marble floor with a granite countertop? What about woods? Can you mix woods? Or should we even do granite on the countertops? What about a quartz instead? What about a backsplash? Tile or granite? What color? And is all this going to match with our black appliances? Should we buy a new under mount sink even though we just bought the black quartz sink? What items can we reuse from the old kitchen {read: save money} and what things do we need to buy new.
My head is spinning
{right round baby, right round}.
I seriously close my eyes and see wood samples. Color pallets. Granite pieces. Dollar signs. Oh, yes! Dollar signs. Lots and LOTS of dollar signs. Ugh. And because of all the decisions, stress and excitement I have spent the last little bit speaking, thinking and doing in ALL CAPS AND EXPLANATION MARKS!!
Today while driving home from another trip to the home improvement store, I turned off caps lock and paused for a bit. Looked out my window. And realized how perfectly exquisite God is at mixing color and textures.
Wouldn't you agree?
I would never think of mixing a light pink and a forest green. Yet, He does it so beautifully. So perfectly.
If only He could design my kitchen!
Old pictures from my camera:

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Lacy said...

those are peaceful pictures of beautiful heavenly artwork.

This post was not here 10 minutes ago when I wrote on the other post. I came back to tell you something and saw this new post.

I know your kitchen will be beautiful. I'd go with quartz.

anyway, I no longer have your e-mail address and I want to tell you something that is not blog appropriate. oh, I guess I could call you. but it's sad. I like to write sad better than speak it. e-mail me.

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