Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And my favorite part of Valentines Day was…

It wasn’t the fresh bouquet of flowers. Although they were beautiful.
It wasn’t breakfast out without the kids. Although that was enjoyable. It wasn’t giving Brynlee & Jace their little Valentines gifts. Although that was gratifying. It wasn’t filling the toy room full of balloons. Although that was entertaining.
It wasn’t our one eyed balloon that looked like Plankton from Spongebob. Although that was comical. It wasn’t the two hour nap that Spence insisted that I take {my blog, my story}. Although that was rejuvenating. It wasn’t the steak and coconut shrimp for dinner. Although that was delicious. It wasn’t the chocolate covered strawberries. Although they were delectable. It wasn’t the candle-lit cheesecake and sparkling cider for two. Although that was romantic. My favorite part of Valentines Day WAS this oversized flawlessly handcrafted card made for me by my three favorite Valentines.

Hallmark couldn’t have done better themselves!
{Spencer wrote down what Brynlee said exactly how she said it. Which makes it mean that much more.} What Brynlee loves about Mamma
She’s pretty
Likes abc’s for she
Go shopping with she
Me like playing with she
We like to do lotsa things
She blows up balloons and me pop ‘em
She’s nice to me
Me like coloring these for mamma
Gave us everything
Mamma reads books
My mommy’s my favorite mommy
What Jace loves about mamma
Spencer helped him write "Love You Mamma"
and traced(ish) his little hand and foot
while Jace did his part by trying to eat the marker.
And then there was a section from Spencer.
I won't post all of Spencer's list because, c'mon like I want the entire internet to see personal things like, "She is the best list maker in the world," and "She is a super blogger so we have a diary of all the crazy fun we have!" But here are a few:
She takes care of us
She’s beautiful
 She’s funny
She loves our family
 She is the best wife and mother ever!!
{Disclaimer: Yes! Spencer and I are cheesy and slightly extremely immature, and we love it. My sister will never let us live down the fact that we made heart shape mounds around our squash and zucchini plants in our very first garden together. Spencer and I have both carried around the opposite half of a two dollar bill that says “I Love You” for years. And there has been more than a few times that we have taken each other on a treasure hunt with rhyming clues and hidden gifts. So are we 15 you ask? Yes. Yes, we are. And it feels good.}


Woolf Family said...

thanks for making me look bad Spence thanks a lot

Kali Jo said...

what!!? you got something for valentines day? That is so not fair, I, however heard Aaron tell the kids that "your mamma is my valentine" but that was it unless you count the lunch at sizzler with his brother. Good thing I am easy to please and love him anyway huh. oh and by the way Kim, I love that Bynlee would like to fly to our house. it's so cute that she thinks about him so much even though we could count how many times they have played together on one hand. what a sweetheart!
Kali Jo

Kali Jo said...

Oh yeah and as you asked on my blog. yes, the picture on my blog is looking out my office window which as you know, in my house.

Nick and Karalynn said...

Very cute!

Kali Jo said...


The Jones Family said...

i'm just gald he finanly won you over or did he had to smack you in the face (that is with a true kiss :) I still remember the way he proposed. You two are a match made in heaven. ains

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